Sunday, September 16, 2012

How to get an NBI clearance in Manila

Worried about long queues combined with slow process when getting an NBI clearance? Don't worry about it 'cause I've found a great solution for you. Get your NBI clearance within two hours! I can attest to this 'cause I also went there to get mine.

First, some of you may wonder what an NBI clearance is. An NBI clearance, aside from a police clearance, is the safest and surest way that you can assure your employer or client that you have got no criminal records made in the country.

Now, what you need to do is prepare yourself for a long queue since the venue (presumed somewhat hidden before because a few people do not know it) is now popular to a lot of NBI clearance solution searchers online. It's true; there are a lot of people who flock there, but still the employees are able to process the clearance at a fast pace.

Please refer to the figure below for deeper understanding of the steps and whereabouts.

PRE-STEP: Bring valid IDs, proceed to Robinsons Otis

The NBI has a satellite branch at Robinsons Otis, which is open from Monday to Friday, starting when mall opens at 10AM and ending when mall closes at 7PM.
To get there, take the LRT-2 line and drop off at UN Ave Station. Ride a tricycle for 60 Php if you want to get there fast without waiting for another five (5) passengers to ride along; or you can pay 10 Php if you want a fully-packed tricycle. I chose the previous over the latter. Get there early; the earlier, the better.

You may also opt to ride a taxi, if you like.

With the number of Filipinos resorting to searching online, there is a great possibility of early-birds upon arrival at Robinsons Otis entrance unless you're a trolling owl the night before.

It is inevitable that you will have to fall in line, but rest assured that you can get your NBI clearance before the day ends. Patience is key here because the guards, upon mall opening, will only let in a few number of people, probably 20 to 50 people at a time.

STEP 1: Proceed to the satellite branch,  fall in line (1 to 1.5 hours)

It's located at the second floor of the mall; I forgot what stores are near it, but you'll find yourself inside an abandoned or unused store slot. There will be at least 50 seats inside. You will have to patiently and determinedly wait standing in line.

Once you reach your seat, a guy will give you an application form. Don't forget to bring a pen with you so that it wouldn't be a hassle.

STEP 2: Payment (10 mins)

The line will direct you to the Payment area, wherein you'll get to pay 115 Php for every clearance you'd get. FYI, there are different NBI clearances ('cause I only got one for  local employment). If you want one for local employment, and another one for working overseas, I guess you'll have to pay twice. There is also an NBI clearance created for someone who wants to study abroad. Bottom line is just bring money with you.

STEP 3: Encoding of personal information (10 mins)

After payment, you will proceed to the counters adjacent to the payment counter where you can see two computers in it and encoders behind it. They will process the information in your data sheet/application form.

Be observant and keenly watch what their typing to avoid any errors; errors in the NBI clearance may make it void. Then, leave the area and follow where the line goes next.

STEP 4: Biometrics and photo capturing (10 mins)

You will then find yourself seating in line again at the seats in front of the satellite branch. The next step will be getting your self-portrait and storing your fingerprints. You will be asked to place, one at a time, your fingers on a scanner. Then, you will see yourself smiling in front of a small camera. They will then hand you down a receipt to claim your clearance.

STEP 5: Waiting for your name to be called (5 to 15 mins)

At this moment, all you need to do is relax and wait for your name to be called shortly.

  • Search your name on Google and find out if you share the same name with another person (unfortunately with one who has records in NBI). If there is someone (with not so good records) who shares the same name as you do, you'll find yourself lucky if your second name distinguishes it. Mine was general too, but my second name saved me, lol. What happens if you're unlucky is that you'll have to come back again at the date specified on the received provided to you.
  • The staff in NBI Otis are really commendable; they're very patient, though serious at times. But, commendably, they will do their best to serve you. Don't blame them if there are already a lot of people trooping for their service. It would be nice of you to appreciate what they are doing. Probably, the Otis branch is more visited now than ever, but comparable to other sites, this one's worth the take.
  • Bring snacks, water, boredom-killing gadgets, a working pen, and a friend. These will guarantee you happiness and satisfaction through the struggle (lol). Your friend will be there to save your slot if and whenever call-of-nature times come.
  • Please understand that the bulk of traffic in NBI clearance areas begins near hiring and graduation months, so do research on these.
  • There's another way to get an NBI clearance, and it can be done online now! Know about a more efficient, time-savy approach to get an NBI e-clearance here.