Friday, September 21, 2012

FIBA Asia Cup 2012: Philippines vs Iran - Results

Current Score (8:30 PM): 34-35 (PH-Iran)
Philippines vs Iran --> WATCH IT HERE

The Philippine basketball team Smart Gilas Pilipinas has ended its winning streak, suffering a major 17-pt defeat Friday during its match vs Iran, 60-77, in the semifinals round of the FIBA Asia Cup 2012. This defeat relegates Smart Gilas Pilipinas to the run for the 3rd place in the prestigious basketball tournament. The game between Team Pilipinas and Iran was broadcasted live via AKTV on IBC 13.

Philippines and Iran filled the court with excitement today at the Ota Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan. Both teams proceeded to the Semifinals round when they toppled their respective opponents in the quarterfinal round yesterday.

The final quarter (informal) updates of the FIBA Asia Cup 2012 Smart Gilas Pilipinas vs Iran updates are as follows.

FIBA Asia Cup 2012 Philippines vs Iran Update:
59-47, Iran-PH with 7:50 left in 4th qtr (4:59 PM, Philippine Time)
62-49, 6:29 left (5:00 PM)
64-52, 5:35 left (5:02 PM)
67-52, (5:03 PM)
67-54, 4:09 mins left
69-54, 3:44 left
72-54, 3:20 left (LABAN PA! T_T)
72-56, 3:02 mins left (5:07 PM, Philippine Time)
74-56, 2:45 mins left
76-56, 1:42 mins left (HOPELESS NA, but keep fighting)
77-57, 0:51 mins left
77-60, END (Iran-PH)

Live streaming websites of the Smart Gilas Pilipinas vs Iran match have released video coverage several minutes ago. Catch up with the game. You may watch the Philippines vs Iran FIBA game here.

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