Saturday, January 10, 2015

CHISMIS: Nadine Lustre to play Shan Chai role in Meteor Garden version?

Could this brewing rumor in the chismis mills be true?

The hit Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden might just be having its own Filipino (Pinoy) version soon. And who's rumored to act the Shan Chai role? It's said to be none other than Nadine Lustre, the love team partner of James Reid.

Is it true that Nadine Lustre will be playing the role portrayed by Barbie Hsu in Meteor Garden? Abangan.

Although there's no confirmation yet, Nadine's fans and long-time fans of Meteor Garden feel excited about this. Surely, Nadine best fits the role of Meteor Garden's Barbie Hsu. Who could be the best contender for the role? It's most likely the most popular teen in town, Kathryn Bernardo. 

Nadine Lustre and James Reid both starred in the movies Diary ng Panget and Talk Back and You're Dead, which gave them great exposure to the masses and hopefully, a great break!

LIST: Winners of 13th Gawad Tanglaw Awards for TV, Radio, Film

13th Gawad Tanglaw Awards Highlights
For TV: 
TV5 earns reputation for news program, anchors, beats competitors in major fields
ANC, UNTV bag awards
Julia Montes, Angel Locsin take Best Performance by Actress (TV Series) award
Piolo Pascual, Martin Escudero, Coco Martin share Best Performance by Actor (TV Series) award
Forevermore, Ikaw Lamang win Best TV Series award
ABS-CBN is still TV Station of the Year

For Radio:
DZMM dominates, Yes FM is best FM station

For  Film
Nora Aunor, Angelica Panganiban take home Best Actress award
Allen Dizon wins Best Actor award

Here are the winners of this year's 13th Gawad Tanglaw Awards:


Best News Program 
Aksyon (TV5) 

Best News Program Anchor (Male) 
Lourd De Veyra - Aksyon sa Umaga (TV5) 

Metro Manila Film Festival (40th MMFF) 2014 entries earn P1.014 billion

The eight official entries of the 40th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), including top grossers The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin, Feng Shui 2, My Big Bossing, and English Only, Please, have earned over P1 billion as the annual film fest ends.

Credits: Original collage maker

The MMFF 2014 entries earned a bigger P1.014 billion in the box-office from December 25, 2014 to January 7, 2014, according to Metro Manila Development Authority chairman and MMFF overall head Francis Tolentino.  This figure is said to be 2.6 percent higher compared to MMFF 2013 (P999,302,000).

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Great Business Ideas for 2015

2015 has just begun and there are a spectra of great business ideas that you may want to venture into!
Here are some business ideas you might want to try this year! This post is inspired by Sir Fitz Villafuerte's article.

The 2016 elections is fast approaching, and when there's a national election, siyempre politicians will be doing their best to market and advertise and sell themselves to the public! Where there is advertising, marketing, and sale, there is cash $$$! :)) The money-making campaign period is yet to begin.

Pleasure yourself in plugging for your favorite politicians through their official pages on Facebook. Join their PRT (public relations team)  or marketing team!

Buy a large tarpaulin printer and have this one as a good investment. Election paraphernalia will litter the streets everywhere; earn big by supplying tarps, streamers, posters, cards, etc. Create giveaways like shirts, mugs, fans, umbrellas, balloons, towels, and even caps!

Food services will always be profitable in the Philippines. Why? Because Filipinos love to eat, wherever they go - rich or poor. Establish a catering service and see your business boom this year. Remember that a lot of congregations and meetings will be held this pre-election year. Campaign rallies will be held; demonstrations and victory parties will then follow.

Speaking of rallies, siyempre political parties will also need to rent some chairs, tables, lights and sound systems, and even tents! So, serve this market; become a logistics provider.

A good-shot photographer? Love to make videos? Poetic enough to compose? Use your skills and earn big time this year!

Now that the ASEAN integration is brought one-step closer to reality, it's better that you join with the what lies ahead this year for everyone to take part! There's just so much enthusiasm when we come to think that there's a bigger market, and competition with our ASEAN neighbors will be tighter!

Siyempre, bilang maraming tourist spots sa bansa, and that we all know that Filipinos are well-known for the term "hospitality", having your own travel agency may help you earn more. More tourists will be flocking the country soon. Make high-quality souvenirs! Come up with your own ticketing service and promos!

With more tourists reaching the country than ever before, more schools catering to teaching Koreans and the others how to speak fluently in English. Aside from that, with rising family incomes across all socioeconomic strata, more kids will be enrolled in tutorial and review centers.

But beware, market leaders will try to crush you! :))

With an expected increase in the number of middle to high earning employees (including foreigners), many consumers would love to escape traffic jams when buying items (cellphones, gadgets, laptops, shoes, clothing, apparel) in malls, and instead purchase online.

Having your own retail shop (with its website) or probably selling your items on buy and sell online platforms would help you boost your profits! There's no assurance, but giving a try would surely help.

Or create your own fashion style, upload your photos (with the items/accessories you want to sell), increase your credibility, and poof, become a reputable, earning writer!

Or make your own OLX, Lazada, AyosDito, or Zalora website and earn through paids Google Ads or through advertisement slots. Study site building!

Studied programming or app development in your school days? Do you know how to code? Then build your own portfolio of applications and games like Plants Vs Zombies, Flappy Bird, and Angry Birds, and be rich within a span of time!

There are a lot of business ideas that one may think of. How it will evolve into something that's real, concrete, and profitable is the challenge. If money is the problem, there are lots of financial institutions that can lend you money; just study and plan well, and your 2015 will be one awesome, financial year!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

VIRAL: Justin Bieber strips to boxer briefs, now latest model of underwear brand Calvin Klein

International singing sensation Justin Bieber, known for hit music videos "Baby", "One Time, and "One Less Lonely Girl", has shown he's already grown up.

In a recent release of images from his IG account, the Canadian singer was launched as the latest model of underwear brand Calvin Klein.

Image Source: Instagram

Bieber stripped to his boxer briefs with supermodel Lara Stone for Calvin Klein’s “#mycalvins” ad campaign.

Screengrab form Justin Bieber's Instagram page
Image Source: Instagram

On Twitter, he posted:

“Officially a part of the legacy. Check out @CalvinKlein for more. #mycalvins #newfaceofcalvinklein ”

#JustinWereReady, the hashtag used for the new ad campaign, landed as the third trending topic worldwide.

Former UP president Nemenzo in critical condition due to bacterial meningitis

Former University of the Philippines (UP) president Dr. Francisco Nemenzo Jr.is in "critical and guarded" condition after being admitted with bacterial meningitis. It is a rare life-threatening infection hitting the brain and spinal cord.

Last Monday, Dean Agnes Mejia of the UP College of Medicine posted on the UP Diliman Department of Political Science website that Nemenzo has been confined at the Philippine General Hospital intensive care unit since December 29.

Although his condition has been stabilized, the next few days or weeks are critical for Nemenzo, Mejia said.

The infection caused him “high fever and seizures and to lapse into stupor”, she added.
Nemenzo, currently a professor emeritus in the UP Diliman Political Science department, was also diagnosed with diabetes making his immune system weak. He served as UP's 18th president from 1999 to 2005.

Article Source: Inquirer

SPOTTED: TV Patrol news anchor Noli de Castro shows "rude" side to Winnie Cordero

ABS-CBN 2's TV Patrol news anchors seem to be getting to everyone's nerves nowadays. Recently former Vice President Noli de Castro showed off his unprofessional behavior on-air by being rude to reporter Winnie Cordero.

This came amidst the traffic rerouting plans of the Manila city government for the Black Nazarene procession. The issue revolved around the disorderly action of ambulant vendors (kariton), throwing off trash everywhere and serve as passage blocks or obstacles on the day of the Nazareno, which devotees annually complain about. 

Watch the video below. Jump to 4:00 to see what happened.

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel MediaNewserPhil

VIRAL VIDEO: What happens when you put a boy in front of a girl and ask him to slap her?

What happens when you put a boy in front of a girl and ask him to slap her? Here is how children react to the subject of violence against women.

Domestic violence is present everywhere. In Philippines, a woman or young child is abused every day; rape cases are up. News of children as young as 8 being raped and killed are flashing weekly. Violence, not only against women but men and children alike, must be stopped.

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel Fanpage.IT

Monday, January 5, 2015

MONEY MATTERS: Two financial lessons I learned from Mama and Papa when I was a kid

If I were to be asked what two lessons on handling (cash, money) my finances I learned from my parents in the past, it would be that:


I was born to parents who had problems budgeting our monthly income before. 10 to 15 years ago, their spending habit was a bit "regularly overwhelming", enjoying the fruits of their labor after working their asse* all day long.

I was in third elementary grade then when I first observed what happens to a family when it runs out of cash - it's heartbreaking. At a young age, when the multiplication table was once one of my interests, I felt I needed to do something. Being the eldest, I knew I had to take responsibility for my brothers (and perhaps for my parents as well; it's kind of amazing you may say, but I don't know ganito lang talaga ako).

I thought what if one of my siblings gets sick? Where would they get the money? If my Papa, who contributes a bulk of the family's income, gets sick, where would we get funding for our tuition fees in school (back then, my parents knew education was key; they enrolled us in private schools)?

So, the simplest thing I could do was really to be thrifty (this word I didn't know of until I entered high school). I cut my baon (yes, elementary baon) and place what I saved behind picture frames, within the pages of the Bible (because back then, I thought the money would grow haha) and some magazines, inside jars and my alkansiya (flash forward to 5 years after, which was then stolen by our kasambahay).

There came a time that saving did save us from starving for a day! At that time, my parents' salaries (which were relatively low compared to what was then offered in Metro Manila counterparts) haven't been released yet, and we literally had nothing.

On that memorable day, my eagerness-to-save-the-day attitude hyped, and I told them not to worry 'cause I had a backup savings. I opened the back of the photo frame, and viola, my money brightened the day's mood. We were able to eat at that moment. Hence, from that day and on, saving became my happy habit. :))

There were even instances my Mama, Papa and siblings would be surprised that at just 9 or 10 years old, I was able to give them gifts on their birthdays.

At present, we're no longer having really deep financial struggles - just humps and bumps. In a few years' time, we'll be financially well-off, I hope - thanks to saving!


The second thing I learned from them is not to owe money from someone or make credit; this is the reason why we don't have credit cards (except Papa when he has to purchase something asap and he has no cash with him). I'm not campaigning for a snub of credit cards; these can help too (only when you know you're capable of settling your financial obligations ON TIME).

I always made sure that I won't borrow money, if I have no money with me. Probably my shyness has helped me deal with extravagant spending hehe. 

Today, with no debt to worry, I still live below my means; living below my means doesn't mean I'm not eating well or what. It only means I make financially sound decisions when it comes to my finances. As a student, who has gone through algebra and the higher math, I should know my limits. And by knowing my limits, I can figure out ways to reach these limits, and set new ones. 

If I can't afford something right now, pretty sure that by not spending the money I have today or by not making utang, I'll be able to buy something that's way, way better in the future. :)

P.S. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this short post. If you did, please like Spotlight Philippines to get updated with what I do in life financially. :)

P.P.S. If you're interested in reading more life-based money stories, here are some of them:
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

SPOTTED: Ongoing SALES (BIG Discounts) in Metro Manila, nationwide

January, the first month of 2015, has just begun and stores (malls) all over Metro Manila and nationwide have already begun their end of season, clearance, year-end, kick-off, mega sales!! Really big discounts await buyers of these clothing lines!

So, you ask me where to shop for great (discounted) finds this month? Here they are!

SM Supermalls End of Season Sale 
All SM Supermalls nationwide (except SM City North Edsa, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, SM Aura Premier, SM Lanang Premier)

Get up to 70% off on selected items!
Until : January 11, 2015

The SM Store Clearance Sale 
Up to 50% off on selected items!
Until : January 11, 2015

Power Plant Mall Kick-Off Sale 
Up to 70% off on selected items (Zara and other brands)!
Until : January 11, 2015

SM Megamall End of Season Sale 
Up to 70% off on selected items!
Until : January 11, 2015

SM Mall of Asia End of Season Sale 
Up to 70% off on selected items of participating stores!
Until : January 11, 2015

SM City North Edsa End of Season Sale 
Up to 70% off on great selections!
Until : January 11, 2015

The Great Pepper Lunch Sale
10% off on all Pepper Ricke dishes at SM Aura, SM Fairview and SM Southmall
Until : January 11, 2015

SuiteBlanco End of Season Sale
Up to 50% off on chic selections in all SuiteBlanco stores at SM Aura Premier, SM Mall of Asia and SM Makati!
Until ; January 14, 2015

Mossimo End of Season Sale 
Great discounts on selected items!
Until : January 15, 2015

Oxygen Shocking Sale 
Great discounts on selected items! Shirts start at 199 Php!
Until : January 15, 2015

Folded and Hung Massive Sale 
Up to 70% off on selected items! Jackets at 999 Php! 2 for 999 polo shirts!
Until : January 18, 2015

Zara Sale 
Up to 50% off on selected items!
Until : January 18, 2015

Bonifacio High Street Welcome 2015 Sale 
Up to 70% off on selected items in BGC!
Until : January 18, 2015

Pull&Bear Fall/Winter Sale 
Great discounts! Just go to 2/F Mega Fashion Hall of SM Megamall.
Until : January 18, 2015

Araneta Center (Gateway Mall, Gateway Tower Mall, Ali Mall, and Farmers Plaza) Grand Clearance Sale 
Up to 70% off on selected items at Araneta Center’s Grand Clearance Sale 
Until : January 18, 2015

Stradivarius Sale 
Big discounts on selected items at all Stradivarius store outlets (Glorietta 2, SM Aura Premier, Shangri-la Plaza Mall East Wing)
Until : January 18, 2015

Bershka End of Season Sale
Up to 50% off on chic finds! Visit Bershka stores at Glorietta, SM Aura Premier, and SM Megamall!
Until : January 18, 2015

Trinoma Welcome 2015 Sale 
Up to 70% off on selected items!
Until : January 18, 2015

Wellworth Department Store Year-End Sale
Up to 70% off on selected items!
Until : January 18, 2015

Payless Shoesource End of Season Sale 
Up to 60% off on selected items in all stores nationwide!
Until : January 26, 2015

Mango, Mango Man, Mango Touch, Mango Kids Sale 
Up to 50% off on selected items in all outlets nationwide!
Until : January 31, 2015

Muji End of Seasons Sale
Up to 20% discount on select household and Muji garments
Until : January 31, 2015

Forever 21 End of Season Sale 
Up to 50% off on selected items at all Forever 21 stores nationwide!
Until : January 31, 2015

Promod End of Season Sale 
up to 50% off on selected items at all Promod store outlets
Until : January 31, 2015

Bayo Sale 
Great discounts await you!
Until : January 31, 2015

Parfois End of Season Sale 
Up to 50% off on selected items such as bags, watches, jewelry, and other accessories at Parfois’ End of Season Sale happening at all Parfois store outlets (Ayala Center Cebu, Centrio CDO, Gateway Mall, Glorietta 4, Robinsons Galleria, SM City Cebu, SM Megamall, SM City North Edsa, SM Southmall)
Until : January 31, 2015

True Value New Year Sale 
Up to 70% off on selected items!
Until : January 31, 2015

TM Lewin End of Season Sale
Up to 50% off on selected shirts! Buy 2 shirts for 3500 Php only! Available at SM Aura, SM Megamall, SM MOA, and Trinoma.
Until : January 31, 2015

Hedgren End of Season Sale
Up to 40% off on selected items! Only exclusive in following branches: SM Megamall, SM The Block, SM City Clark and SM City Cebu!
Until : January 31, 2015

Gingersnaps Grand Sale 
Really big discounts on selected tops, bottoms, dresses, and accessories for infants, boys, girls, teens and expecting moms!
Until : February 1, 2015

TOPSHOP, TOPMAN, Dorothy Perkins, Warehouse, Basic House, and Miss Selfridge End of Season Sale
Up to 50% off on select items! Some TOPMAN shirts are sold at good prices (buy 3 for 1145 Php or buy 2 for 800 Php; original price is 495 Php each)!
Until : February 1, 2015

Marks & Spencer End of Season Sale 
Up to 50% off on selected women's wear, men's wear, lingerie, and toiletries!
Until : February 8, 2015