Wednesday, May 7, 2014

SPOTTED: Super cool science experiments! Try it!

Do you know how to make an egg bounce? Have you ever seen goo dance with the beats of the bass? Have you ever wondered if you can change a flower's petal colors? What happens when you place soap inside a microwave and turn it on?

Well, you should know that the things I mentioned above can actually be done! Here's a video on how to do some super cool science experiments at home! Just be cautious when dealing with harmful chemicals or substances.

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel BuzzFeedYellow

Tacloban City after Yolanda: Six months later

When the word Tacloban is mentioned, it becomes synonymous to Yolanda. Why? It's become the center of destruction brought about by history's strongest typhoon, to date.

So, what has happened to Leyte's commercial, educational and financial center six months after Yolanda hit? In the video below, The Telegraph's Lewis Whyld, who immediately rushed and conducted aerial surveillance, came back to show to the world how the city's coping up after one of the deadliest natural encounters the world has ever seen.

Video Courtesy: The Telegraph