Friday, February 14, 2014

To you my dear Valentine


I still could not forget (no matter how hard I try not to recall that night) the way you smiled at me during the ending hour of the LP. You gave me a true sense of relief, as if all the cloud nines clumped and stuck with each other to keep me happily afloat in midair, despite all the down-times of my life.

You really caught me off guard (at a time when I forced myself not to look). Gave my heart that erratic beat. And swept me off my feet.

Remember the time you've mistaken me for somebody else? You held my arm (after one lab exam when the answer keys were released). It was really awkward, I think I blushed.

It was as if I met the girl I'd love to be with, my entire life. And boom, I met her awkwardly.  But then again, I had to keep safe distance. You were like a Lamborghini, and I was a Vios. Being alongside you meant destroying all the barriers.

But then, it's so hard to keep this thing off my chest. I can't resist it. So here, it goes.

Until now, I still ask myself why I like you. And I really can't think of any reason. Maybe, it's just you being you - the whole you.

I can't just not love you.

I'm not expecting you to like me; and although hope's not high, I'd like to try.

Give me four years to work hardest, and be the best man you'll ever have. I know it's too long, but I'm willing to wait. I don't want to rush you, as there's a bigger responsibility out there.

I'm not the perfect guy, but should the universe conspire to make our paths cross once more (soon when we start saving lives), I'd make each day perfect with you.

Allow me to dedicate these stanzas to you.

"So when you feel,
like trying again,
reach out, take my hand,
see how great it could be,
to fall in love,

with someone you can trust,
who would never give up,
'cause you're all that he needs,
baby take a chance on me,"