Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spotlight Philippines to Celebrate Earth Hour 2011

Video Courtesy: earthhour

Video Courtesy: earthhour

This Earth Hour 2011: 8.30pm, Saturday 26 March, celebrate your action for the planet with the people of world, and add more to your Earth Hour.

From its inception as a single-city initiative -- Sydney, Australia - in 2007, Earth Hour has grown into a global symbol of hope and movement for change. Earth Hour 2010 created history as the world's largest ever voluntary action with people, businesses and governments in 128 countries across every continent coming together to celebrate an unambiguous commitment to the one thing that unites us all -- the planet.

Sign up to earthhour.org, switch off your lights for Earth Hour 2011, and share the positive actions you will sustain for earth beyond the hour.

Let us hear where you are from! Comment your statement of support below.

Lady Gaga, Maria Aragon Live in Toronto (Born This Way Performance)

Video Courtesy: unsaacadmi

Newly discovered 10-year old, Filipina Youtube sensation Maria Aragon sings Born This way with International Superstar Lady Gaga. Wow!

For those who do not know Maria Aragon, below is her famed cover of Lady Gaga's Born This Way:

Video Source: rojuanearagon

Maria Aragon is a Filipina girl residing in Winnipeg, Canada. Her mother is a native Filipina from Ormoc, Leyte, Philippines.

On February 16, 2011, a video of Maria performing a cover of "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga was posted to her sister's YouTube channel to showcase Maria's incredible talent to friends and family.

The video caught Lady Gaga's attention. Amazed by Maria's singing prowess, Lady Gaga re-tweeted a link to the video to her eight million followers, causing a Youtube buzz and launching Maria to instant, international fame.

Maria Aragon's video received over 10 million views on YouTube in just five days. In two weeks time, her video, "Born This Way - (Cover)" on Youtube already reached 18 million views.

On February 21, 2011, American talks show host Ellen DeGeneres invited Maria to appear on her show. Maria earned a standing ovation from the audience.

Lady Gaga Catwalk at Paris Fashion Week

Video Courtesy: SkyNews Channel

Lady Gaga looked smoking hot during her catwalk debut at Paris Fashion Week. Woa!

Funny Foul Shot Blooper

Video Courtesy: edreinho

Alex Oriakhi free throw stops on the rim! PWNED! This shot rarely happens, cool! So, whose ball is it?

Corning Inc.'s Glass Innovation

Video Courtesy: CorningIncorporated

Wow, imagine all these innovations! Corning really found a way to make life convenient for everyone by modifying glass and adding electronic properties to it, which is existentially being used nowadays for touchscreen applications. Really cool stuff, but pretty sure these won't be available in developing countries like the Philippines. Only European and North American states will be able to experience this.

Funny Review of the iPad 2

Video Courtesy: Exkild

Lol, I was browsing thru Youtube when I found this video review of the iPad 2. During viewing, I literally bursted into laughter because the video was kind of mocking Apple's iPad 2. It's pretty interesting how the actor demonstrated the funny use of iPad 2.

Steve Jobs unveils the iPad 2

Video Courtesy: cnet channel

Steve Jobs recently launched the thinner and lighter version of the iPad 2. It's got features that will bring more convenience to consumers, for instance, you don't need a musical instrument to play, just use an application featured in iPad 2 and make music by just clicking on the screen. Wow! I just hope the iPad 2 does not break instantly.

Microsoft Future Interface

Video Courtesy: toddbishoptf

Take a glimpse of what will happen to Microsoft Interface in the near future. This thing really looks amazing!

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Most Typical Face on the Planet

NatGeo does it again, this time revealing to the world the planet's most typical face, but not for too long. Check out this amazing video, and let us hear your voice! Comment and rate it below.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Experience the 7107 Islands of the Phiilippines

Visit the Philippine islands - rich in culture, people and biodiversity.  Feel Filipino hospitality like you've never experience before! Experience Southeast Asia, fly to the Philippines. Book your flight this summer!

Video Courtesy: bestdestination

Lessons 25 Years on: People Power Revolution

What have we Filipinos learned after deposing two Presidents for the past two decades? Where has democracy brought us? Who are we now?

SPOTTED: Coca-Cola Happiness Truck, Machine, Store, Transformers

I was really amazed upon seeing this wonderful piece of social, cause-oriented promotion introduced by the Coca-Cola Company. What surprised me most and made me smile are the kinds of gifts being given to people coming near it and pressing the big, red PUSHbutton, which include remote-controlled toys, scooters, stuff toys and lots of Coke!

The video above shows a Coca-Cola delivery truck converted into a happiness machine on wheels delivering "doses" of happiness in the streets of Marikina, Philippines.

Where will happiness strike next? Watch out!

Here are other videos of Coca-Cola bringing happiness to people:

Coca-Cola Happiness truck in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Coca-Cola  Transformer in Hong Kong

Coca-Cola Happiness Store

Coca-Cola Happiness Machine

See more Coca-Cola promotional advertisements (Happiness truck, machine, store) by clicking Coca-Cola, Open Happiness.

All I could really say is WOW. Coca-Cola, your awesome promotions will surely be one BIG hit. Kudos!