Monday, October 31, 2016

SPOTTED | When Art allows two strangers to meet for the first time

Can one still find love through Art? Will two strangers even meet for the love of Art? Well, this is the case of two people who decided to meet in order to hand over each other's sketch. Sounds unrealistic right?

In a post in GUHIT Pinas, Facebook user Jessol Angeles shared what has been a successful #arttrade with a fellow member. And oops, there's a twist hahaha. Just like Art, anything can be misinterpreted haha. View the photo below.

Image Screenshot: Jessol Angeles

Comments just kept on rushing soon after. Some users can contain their reactions.

One commenter, Angel Vi Manong, said, 
In GP, Instead of saying "pusuan mo ko? pusuan din kita" we say "draw mo ko? Drawing din kita" and I think that's beautiful😂

Benjie Wakui added,
Stay strong in advance po. 😁

Mikkaela Morales Amor wittingly joked,
Respeto naman sa mga in-undas ang lovelife 😂😂😂😭
Could this be the start of something new? Let's just hope so. This might usher in a new, effective way of subtle, covert "dating" -- for the sake of Art. HAHA. Push na yan, bro!