Friday, May 17, 2013

One reason why PH can't live up to its potential, for now

Do we, descendants of the first Filipinos who fought for our independence, really care much for this country we call the Philippines - an archipelago of at least 7,107 islands and diverse people? By the looks of it, I think we continued to care less and less. We cared less about how others (foreigners) perceive us, Pinoys. We cared less about how to contribute to nation-building by eagerly following laws and implementing these laws properly. Actually, we stopped caring. We took steps to no direction, probably because there's no definite reputable leader to guide us and encourage us to be the best of who we want to be. Most of us are a typical mediocre, and we're forcing ourselves become a shattered country!

Most Filipinos have been focused on setting themselves rich, hence, leaving others behind, increasing the gap between the corporate rich and the massive poor; meanwhile, those left behind relied more on the government ill-terribly under-seeing their family's future. I guess, we have been too selfish - noting first our extra-lifestyle needs to highest priority than our country's needs. We've been too selfish, and this selfishness has to stop.

We needed large sums of infrastructure funds to greatly affect the industries that hire to no bounds, yet with the word "hiring" itself, we have set limits and barred some to a point that they had to choose another job, after graduating on a certain degree, after thinking of just wanting to pass all the subjects just to obtain that degree and work to such dismay. Passion, to be honest, was almost non-existent in our jargon. Talking about funding, politicians have always made kickbacks out of it; why can't we see this and do something about it?

We have asked for higher tuition fees which in the future, should have paid off and provided security to parents sacrificing hours and hours just to at least make ends meet. Some parents even thought of auctioning their most-beloved possessions like wedding rings just to bring ample food to the table. Other parents selfishly thought of being a burden to their sons/daughters, rather than trying to gather and make use of every open window of opportunity to raise the family's income. Why can't we see this and do something about it?

Corporate greed has widened the gap between the Filipino rich and the poor. No wonder this imminent class divide, together with the dreadful and awful situation of politics in the country, will set fire to a revolution no one would expect. Tax collection is still inefficient and low, despite reforms introduced in the beginning of Aquino's term. Why can't we see this and do something about it?

The answer still and will always be easy. Apathy. Apathy, even within the government's ranks and even in our local communites, is prevalent. Thousands of PCOS machines failed during the midterm elections; all we did was report it through media outlets, and no visible action has been done. Media has somehow served to produce more couch potatoes, therefore reducing per capita work efficiency when each household employs a daily routine of watching Ina, Kapatid, Anak, and other programs which (for real) continue to reach high flying colors in TV history. Don't blame the media; blame ourselves! We're all words and no action; why can't we see this and do something about it?

Just a few hours ago, a legit report from PhilStar revealed a Chinese warship chasing a Kalayaan town boat carrying the mayor-elect and at least 140 other civilian passengers. Why can't we increase our defense capabilities? Why are we so self-centered and ego-centric? Why can't we think about the life of our nation as a whole? Why can't we think about the nation's progress while deciding whether to run for a critical law-making position?

All these I saw and still see at present. We lack an urgent sense of nationalism. We lack high respect and regard for our country. But definitely, we're oozing with national pride (and prejudice, as well); we always love to brag  about the few Filipinos who make it to the international spotlight, yet fail to follow their footsteps or at least take a new path and make a mark. We always judge people by the way they talk, in the manner they look, at the venues they take us to. We love chismis. We  live in a society of failing democracy, backwardness, and crab mentality. We lack belief in passion and excellence.

This is the truth, and it's one reason why PH can't live up to its potential, for now. Sounds hilarious, cynic, hateful, or absurd? Prove me wrong tomorrow then.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Divisoria mall fire photos

Here's a view of the Divisoria mall fire (now with Task Force Charlie raised) from a building along Taft. The fire is really huge, and the smoke billows like I've never seen before. Hope it rains hard so that the burning will stop. Hope everyone near the shopping center is safe.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Watch Philippines Midterm, Senatorial, Local Elections Live Coverage

Watch this year's national midterm elections live as the people of the Republic of the Philippines exercise their right to vote. The live video footage of the senatorial and local elections in the PH is brought to you by GMA News

Dubbed as the Eleksyon 2013: The GMA News & Public Affairs Special Coverage, it will be the News Team's wide coverage for election-related issues and updates.