Friday, May 31, 2013

JUST IN: Blast hits Global City condo

Article from Inquirer:

 Photo Courtesy: @tamponriot
MANILA, Philippines—An explosion hit an upscale condominium building at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City Friday night, causing a concrete slab to fall and hit a delivery van on the street below.

Television reports said at least three people aboard the delivery van were allegedly killed when the concrete slab fell from the fourth floor of the Serendra hit it.

An INQUIRER.net reporter inside the newly-built SM Aura which is several blocks away from the condominium heard the loud blast and felt the floor shake.

The explosion caused panic among shoppers and diners in the area. An ambulance was seen speeding into the area.

As of this time, authorities have sealed off the street where the concrete slab fell. Police also stopped people from going near the site.

Television reports also said the blast caused damage to nearby establishments in the Market!Market! shopping center which is located just across the street from the condominium.

SPOTTED: Be careful when you visit a website

Be careful when you visit a website. Cybercriminals just lurk wherever you go. Be aware. Read the infographic below.
INFOGRAPHIC: The Cybercriminal Underground

Public warned against 8 scams

Eight warnings, against firms suspected of conducting investment scams and unauthorized sale of securities, have been issued to the public by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

These eight companies under watch are the following:
  • Cardlink - provides telemarketing services for credit cards, loans, non-life insurance, insurance and different types of business services "items of commercial value"; not licensed by the Insurance Commission (IC) to act as an Insurance agency.
  • Future Net - networking-reliant business; offers direct and indirect referral commissions, net loan commission, and satellite referral commission; within a short period of time, that are dependent on number of recruits. The SEC thinks FutureNet cannot engage in investment-taking business since it's a non-stock and non-profit organization.
  • JustBeenPaid - an online activity (possible investment scam) which attracts students (from the Negrs Oriental State University in Dumaguete City) to initially invest P950.00 and earn a guaranteed daily 10 to 20 percent of the initial investment, and join a profit clicking activity by liking a certain page three times a day.
  • OK's Global - employs mono-lining scheme; authorized by the SEC to sell goods, however, it is not a registered issuer of securities.
  • Evergreen  - not registered with the SEC but recruits applicants for employment under a scheme that requires them to sell a product and pay certain fees.
  • 1Riders - employs multi-level marketing scheme to sell food, toiletries and automotive products even if they have no license from the Food and Drugs Administration to distribute.
  • Finance Global/ Finasia - partners with a credit card company to apply/avail of their services offering lower-cost travel packages; payment is unrecoverable or not retractable, once agreed upon by customer.
  • unknown group of people in Marinduque - introduces themselves as acorporation with  five branches; offers loans (pre-need/memorial plans and insurance plans) to barangay officials and employees which will be paid through salary deduction; no license from the SEC or the Insurance Commision.

LITERARY: A Message to My Parents

It's not that usual that I suddenly find myself drown again, after such a long time, in deafening silence and loneliness, and begin to feel sorry about the not-so-conspicuous consumption I indulged into during my college years. The sensation of regret tingles in me now especially when I think of the hardship and sacrifices you have to make in order for us to get us to school.

I feel bad that while I did quite well in school, glued back all of me every time I break into pieces, jollied with friends I can rely on, I wasn't there when you needed me most; 'cause to be honest, I miss hugging you and talking to you and laughing with you. I look back and see, and realize how big a time was lost because of us being technically apart when we had to make these simple little actions of studying independently to the least expense, in the best schools in Metro Manila we could afford. Luckily, God gave me (insert QC university).

Remember when we had nothing, and all you could give me for my daily expenses in elementary school was  a 10 Php to get me by? I have to tell you, I understood our situation at that time but there lived ache and grudge as to why I had to suffer that way. And now it has began sinking in; you gave me 10 Php at that time, while you had nothing at all.

You loved me too much, while you loved yourself too little. I feel weak I can't even complete my thoughts right now.

From that day on, I told myself to keep and save money for as long as I can. I kept them inside picture frames, in between pages of my books, at the bottom of drawers - because I wanted to take part and be the solution. At least, I got to become our savior even for just a few days when we couldn't afford anything.

As I reminisce all the times I purchased a good shirt, shoes or pants because I needed to reward myself due to the complexities of college life, I realize you did have lives painted with the simplicity no once could ever define and perceive. You didn't even buy a single thing for yourselves - a nice dress/shirt to make you feel good, or a great belt to tie up your loose pants, or a pair of socks to warm your feet in the cold.

I feel bad that I had to see you suffer that way, while you hide away all the anguish hardships had brought us. I want to appease you; I want to jump-start a business empire so that I could give you anything and everything you want. But at this point, all I could give is a diploma and an assurance that I will not fail you. I'm sorry I have to take this road less taken. I really don't mean to cause you so much more burden, but I want to do this because I know this is the only way I could bring us to your dreams.

Because I know that the biggest dream you both want, not just for yourselves, but for us as well, is to see us succeed in life. That's why I'm doing this, chasing your dreams.

In a few days, I'll be entering __________ school. I truly apologize for the mistakes I made in the past and thank you for the extension of your undying and unconditional love and support for us, your babies. Just a few more years of passionate work, that's all you will have to wait; (I know it's a bit long, and the unbearable thought, that while we grow and mature, you start to grow white hair and lose strength, makes me want to shout out how regretful I am not being beside you as you age) I am actually crying at this point, 'cause I deeply and really don't want you to wait for that long. I want to shower you with all the love and care I can give, but at this point, I'm really sorry I have to be far away once again from you.

I couldn't think of any other great phrase to say. I love you so much Ma, Pa. Hope this would strengthen you more. And I miss you. So bad. I will never fail you.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

SPOTTED: Tekla and Iya, two of the funniest PH comedians

Watch two of the most humorous Filipino comedians who could give any mainstream comedian (e.g. Vice Ganda) a run for their money. Introducing this tandem of Punchline-honed comics armed with the wit and skill to tickle our funny bones and make us laugh all day long - Tekla and Iya! They were seen in the Tawag ng Tawanan segment of Banana Split. They really throw great jokes at the perfect timing!!

Video Courtesy: Facebook page Tambay Muna Tayo, Banana Split

PH 2013 1st quarter GDP growth fastest among Asian countries

The Philippines economic growth was fastest among Asian countries for the first quarter of 2013, the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) announced Thursday.

NSCB revealed that the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 7.8 percent in the first quarter of 2013, faster than China (7.7 percent), Indonesia (6 percent), Thailand (5.3 percent), and Vietnam (4.9 percent), Secretary of Socioeconomic Planning of the Philippines Arsenio Balisacan said.

NSCB attributed the 7.8 percent increase in the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country to the strong performance of the manufacturing (9.7 percent), and construction (32.5 percent) sectors, as well as the increase in government and consumer spending. The services and agriculture sectors also contributed to the growth with 7 percent and 3.3 percent, respectively. Meanwhile, the mining and industry contracted by 17 percent.

This was the second fastest growth rate of the country since a quarter in 2010 (8.9 percent), Balisacan said.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

SPOTTED: New evidence mermaids exist, video footage of mermaid captured by 2 men in submarine

Seems like the fictional world has come across the barrier to the real world. The inspiration to Disney's little mermaid Ariel and a lot of half-fish-half-man characters out there has been captured in a recent videoby Danish men (marine geologists) exploring the depths of the ocean. Could this be our real-life (and alive!!) mermaid?

Video Courtesy: Worldstar Hip Hop, Mermaid The New Evidence 

But, as the interview goes further, exposing and zooming in on the image that pops out at the right side of the video, seems like the mermaid's face supports that of an alien one. We all know that a very vast portion of the Earth's oceans have not been seen especially the deepest and darkest depths. Now this is something to ponder on.

What's your say on this? Air your comments below.

SPOTTED: Iloilo, Philippines lights up the night sky with a Guiness world record 15,158 sky lanterns

I mentioned in one of the post that PH earned two new Guiness World records, one of which is being able to host the release of thousands of sky lanterns from a large field in UP Visayas-Miagao in Ilioilo, Philippines. 15, 158 sky lanterns flew up the sky and amazed thousands of participants who joined the event for an advocacy, attaining world peace through inner peace.

So, here are videos of the sky lantern record that night. Pretty mesmerizing and awesome. I wish I was there.

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel MyYnB

This one's a footage from the ground showing what happened during the release of the sky lanterns. Wow, just wow.

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel simplyiloilo

SPOTTED: The controversial video of Vice Ganda 'rape' joke that Jessica Soho slammed, Jessica Soho's reaction

Here is the video of Vice Ganda, one of the PH's most popular comedian, whose minutes-long attack on Jessica Soho's physique and mention of 'gang rape' in front of an all-ages attended concert has turned into a talked-about topic and not only that, but a controversial one.

Video Courtesy: Youtube user 19zulivnim 

In the video, Vice Ganda almost insulted Jessia Soho through weight jokes all throughout the segment. Furthermore, the comedian didn't stop bashing her to that below-the-belt point; instead, (s)he lambasted her inner person with a 'gang rape' joke offering a situation should Soho become a 'bold star'.

Jessica Soho then reacted calmly on a PostScript segment of her GMA News TV program State of the Nation with Jessica Soho and voiced out her concern regarding 'rape' in general and use of it as a form of bad humor.

Video Courtesy: GMA News

In a statement sent to GMA News Online on Tuesday, Soho said: "Rape is not a joke and should never be material for a comedy concert."

She added: "I thank all those who shared my hurt and expressed their support, but this should not be about me but about rape victims who suffer tremendously from this terrible crime. The horrors they go through are unspeakable and should never be taken lightly, especially by way of a cruel joke."

Pass or Paasa: Piolo Pascual Celebrity Look-alike

Pass or paasa? This young lad quite looks like no other than one of the finest actors in the Philippines. Whose face does he have a close comparison with?

Do you think he looks like ABS-CBN's ultimate leading man Piolo Pascual? Watch him, one John Lloyd Cruz, and one PNoy lookalike on GMA News Saksi's segment video below.

SPOTTED: Woman caught on cam hurting a child inside jeep

Circulating online and gathering a huge following of critics, this viral video of a woman hurting a small child inside a passenger jeep shows that corporal punishment still exists in Philippine society nowadays. 

The video has now reached GMA News, which publicized the incident and highlighted the issue of child abuse, public humiliation, and parental disciplining.

Video Courtesy: GMA News

The reason why the woman fired up placing all blame to the child beside him, physically and verbally abusing him in front of the public - a lost pencil. Watch the video to see what happened.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jessica Soho hits Vice Ganda's 'cruel' rape joke

Popular GMA 7 News anchor Jessica Soho hit comedian Vice Ganda earlier Tuesday for a “cruel” joke about her that he flaunted during a sold-out show on May 17 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. She reacted to a whole series of jokes about her in a segment the topic of which was unlikely TV celebs becoming bold stars.

In a statement she sent by SMS to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Soho said, ”Rape is not a joke and should never be material for a comedy concert.”

Vice belted out a joke about her saying that, should Soho start making sexy movies, the scene would have to involve a "gang rape". This was preceded – and then followed – by other jokes about her weight. The comedian made fun of Soho's physique for a full two minutes before moving on to other celebrities.

“I thank all those who shared my hurt and expressed their support, but this should not be about me but about rape victims who suffer tremendously from this terrible crime,” Soho said in a statement to GMA News Online. “The horrors they go through are unspeakable and should never be taken lightly, especially bby way of a cruel joke.”

On Vice's side, road manager Russ Samson announced that they are still waiting (as of posting time) for the comedian’s “go-signal” to issue their own statement or clarification.

Article contents courtesy of Inquirer.net and GMA News Online.

SPOTTED: 11-year old Pinay enters live Finals round of Britain's Got Talent

After her exceptional performance in the 7th series of popular international talent search "Britain's Got Talent", Arisxandra Libantino has moved on to its live finals round Monday.

This 11-year-old Filipina girl from Aspley, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire in England first impressed judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon during her audition when she sang Jennifer Hudson’s "One Night Only" from the Broadway-began movie Dreamgirls.

The video of her exemplary audition performance is shown below.

Video Courtesy: Britain's Got Talent

In the semifinals round, as shown below, she again lit up the crowd and the judges as well.

Video Courtesy: Britain's Got Talent

"You blew the roof off the joint. Simon made a point earlier about kids being on the show but if you have a talent like yours, you've got to share that with the world!" Williams said, after giving her a standing ovation.

Holden added, "You tore the place up."

Dixon, on the other hand, noticed that Arisxandra was nervous when she sang Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” from the film "The Bodyguard." She understood that once Arisxandra overcame her nervousness, her vocals opened up, and she was "on fire."

Famous search judge Cowell was contented with Arisxandra’s performance, saying it was one of the best of the night. He told Arisxandra, "if you've got it, you've got it."

1,553 Accounting grads pass May 2013 Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Board Exam

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) has announced Tuesday on its website that 1,553 out of 5,665 passed the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Board Exam.

Richard Saavedra of Ateneo de Davao University topped the list of passers with a rating of 96.00. He was then followed by University of San Carlos graduate Mikyll Narvios garnering 95.43. Filling the topnotchers list is Tom Aguilar of University of Baguio obtaining a bold 94.00.

The exam in series was held last May 19, 20, 26 and 27 in the cities of Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Legazpi, and Manila.

Here are the result of the CPA Board Exam for May 2013:\





FEU acquires Cavite property

Philippine Stock Exchange-listed school Far Eastern University Inc (FEU) has completed the acquisition of a property in Silang, Cavite.

In a disclosure to the PSE, FEU said it purchased the 1.6-hectare lot from Moldex Realty Inc at a price of P40.22 million for future expansion purposes.

Late last year, FEU (which has campuses in Cavite, Diliman, Makati and Manila) announced its intention to build a new campus on a 1.8-hectare lot in Filinvest City (Muntinlupa). It obtained a P1-billion loan  to finance the acquisition of the property from Filinvest Alabang Inc.

Illegal logs seized in Davao Oriental

The PH miltary forces have seized abandoned illegal logs in Davao Oriental, the military said Tuesday.

Photo Courtesy: AFP

24 pieces of Lawaan logs, measuring 21.6 cubic meters in volume, were confiscated by a joint unit composed of the Armed Forces of the Philippines' (AFP) 701st Infantry Brigade, 104th Division Reconnaissance Company, and local officials, at around 5 PM in Sito Kwatin, Tagbinonga villa, Mati City on Monday.

The logs were then taken by the City Environment and Natural Resources Office in Mati.

Recently, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) raised its anti-illegal logging drive. The government agency has tapped the services of the AFP to help in the implementation.

More party-list groups proclaimed, granted House seats

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) has proclaimed the second batch of winner partylist groups on Tuesday.

Here is the list  of winnning party-lists proclaimed by Comelec and the number of seats each earned.
  • Buhay - 3 seats
  • A Teacher - 2 seats
  • BayanMuna - 2 seats
  • 1CARE - 2 seats
  • Akbayan - 2 seats
  • Abono - 2 seats
  • Ako Bicol - 2 seats
  • OFW Family - 2 seats
  • Gabriela - 2 seats
  • COOP-NATCCO - 2 seats
  • Agap - 2 seats
  • Cibac - 2 seats
  • Magdalo - 2 seats
  • An Waray - 2 seats
  • Abamin - 1 seat
  • Act Teachers - 1 seat
  • Butil - 1 seat
  • Amin - 1 seat
  • ACT-CIS - 1 seat
  • Kalingga - 1 seat
  • LPGMA - 1 seat
  • TUCP - 1 seat
  • Yacap - 1 seat
  • Agri - 1 seat
  • Angkla - 1 seat
  • ABS - 1 seat
  • Diwa - 1 seat
  • Kabataan - 1 seat
  • Anakpawis - 1 seat
  • Alay Buhay - 1 seat
  • Aambis Owwa - 1 seat
  • 1 Sagip - 1 seat
  • AVE - 1 seat
  • Ating Coop - 1 seat
  • Abakada - 1 seat
  • AMA - 1 seat
  • Ang Nars - 1 seat
Comelec last Friday initially proclaimed 14 partylist groups, with Buhay getting the biggest share of votes, which had obtained at least two percent of the total votes cast.

Party-list groups that make the cut are guaranteed at least one seat in the House of Representatives. Another seat will be given if they manage to get more than two percent.

France blacklists PH, 16 other countries for foreign aid fraud inaction


An article from ABS-CBN News debunks statements from a Agence France-Presse report that declared Philippines as one of the countries in the French government's  foreign aid blacklist.

The French Foreign Minister has denied an Agence France-Presse report that said France has blacklisted the Philippines as one of the "non-cooperative states" in investigating foreign aid fraud, Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario said Wednesday.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario said he sought clarification about the news report with the French government "and have been officially advised that this information is totally inaccurate."
To read more about this, proceed by clicking here.


European powerhouse France has drawn up a blacklist of 17 countries which failed to act and investigate foreign aid fraud, disallowing bank use on distribution of development funds, officials said Monday.

Aides to development minister Pascal Canfin were unable to say how much French foreign aid currently transits via banks in the countries featured on the new blacklist.

The blacklist widens up from an already-established list of eight “non-cooperative states and territories”including Botswana, Brunei, Guatemala, Nauru, and the Philippines.

Added to its list are Costa Rica, Dominica, Lebanon, Liberia, Panama, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, the United Arab Emirates,, and Vanuatu.

The officials said  that there was a lack of transparency in these natio further noting that often the main victims of fraud are poor and developing nations.

Taiwan un-invites, excludes PH team Gilas Pilipinas in 2013 Jones Cup

Philippine basketball team Gilas-Pilipinas, in its preparation for the Fiba-Asia championship, suffers a major setback as the PH team gets “un-invited” to the 2013 Jones Cup in Taipei, says head coach Chot Reyes.

Reyes said that the reason behind the team's exclusion in the Jones Cup was the ongoing tension between the Philippines and Taiwan following the May 9 killing of a Taiwanese fisherman by the Philippine Coast Guard.

“Just got word from d organizers that we have been un-invited to d Jones Cup. Di matapos-tapos problema ng Gilas ha,” Reyes posted on his Twitter account.

Reyes added: “We now have to find a replacement tournament as d Jones Cup is such an integral part of our preparation.”

Monday, May 27, 2013

PH sets anew two Guiness World records

One again, the spotlight has been turned on the Philippines which recently successfully made record for the most number of sky lanterns released in one single event, and (will) undoubtedly and timely for the world's fastest jigsaw puzzle maker, Filipino businesswoman Georgina Gil-Lacuna.

Guinness World Records adjudicator Seyda Subasi-Gemici declared that the 15,185 sky lanterns flown from the football field of UP Visayas in Miag-ao town of Iloilo province has set a new world record. This  moves the world record at a higher notch and grabs it away from previous holder Romania which witnessed a total of 12,740 sky lanterns in June 2012.

The night event, viewed and participated by approximately 20,000 people, was organized by Middle Way Meditation Institute and different local partners who initially campaigned for world peace attainment through finding inner peace.

Photo Source: Inquirer.net

On another record, 61-year-old Lacuna is currently working on a 32,000-piece puzzle which measures 17 by 6 feet wide and features retrospective brightly colored images of Keith Haring’s artwork. She aims to finish this extremely large world jigsaw puzzle before July 2013, in time for the Guinness. 

“I never knew that at the age of 61, I’ll be Guinness record holder,” she revealed.