Friday, July 1, 2011

Spotted: Marko Germar, of SYTYCD 8, a Filipino

Paired up with Melanie Moore, one of the sought after female contestants in So You Think You Can Dance Season 8, Filipino dancer Marko Germar is a tough competitor for this year's season. Both Marko and Melanie have defined movement and vivacious passion which drive them to exceed the audience's expectation.

A specially remarkable dance was their lyrical piece, where emotions and dance steps really connived with one another. Here's the video:

Melanie & Marko - Lyrical Hip Hop

They really wowed me, as I watch them graciously own the stage. It's like I've been searching for the strongest pairs of dancers all year round, finding out they were already dancing their way to stardom in SYTYCD Season 8. There's more to expect from them. :)

Other very impressive videos of them are as follows:

So You Think You Can Dance - Melanie Moore and Marko Germar - Contemporary

Melanie & Marko - Jazz - HD 720p

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

UFO over London

I happened to view this video posted a few days ago about UFO over London. Is this a sign that aliens really exist or just a hoax? Comment below.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Discover the Beauty of the Philippines

Visit the wonderful islands of the Philippines. Be amazed with the brilliance of its landscape and the uniqueness of its people. Experience Philippines in 14 days.

Video Courtesy: AeroEye Asia