Saturday, February 14, 2015

FUNNY: The art of selfie, boys vs girls

There's one random question that popped in mind. We all have our own differences; each one of us is unique in one way or another. 

Guys drink more than girls. Most guys play a sport that most girls don't. Girls love to gossip; most guys just keep to themselves. Girls take longer in the shower than guys do. And the list just never ends!

But what about when taking selfies? Is there a difference when boys take selfies and when girls take selfies? Watch the funny viral video below. :))

Friday, February 13, 2015

VIRAL: Lazy husky, just lazy

It's Friday today! And I know people, after having a hard week's work, will surely go check out their friends and/or take some good rest. Here's what I have in store for you guys!

This husky is just so lazy! And I'm all too lazy to finish writing this post. Have a great weekend ahead! :))

Thursday, February 12, 2015

VIRAL: Singing security guard does it again, this time with Thinking Out Loud

The singing security guard, which I featured a few weeks ago in Spotlight Philippines, has done it again! He sang Ed Sheeran's hit "Thinking out loud" which has stuck into memory for months already.

No doubt this guard will land on Ellen deGeneres' show soon! Well, for Ed's song, I have to get this off my mind, I don't want to have this LSS with me forever!

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel Daily Video Trend 3

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

SPOTTED: Kathryn Bernardo kalokalike on It's Showtime

Looks like one of the most sought after teen princesses in town has found her own duplicate! Kathryn Bernardo, the on-screen partner of Daniel Padilla, has had her celebrity lookalike rock the stage on "It's Showtime!".

Find out if Jane Allison Salo has the face and talent of Kathryn Bernardo or not. Watch her video below.

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel ABS-CBN Entertainment

While some were awestruck with her resemblance to Kathryn, others laughed at her talent. One commenter, Treckey Keynes, on the other hand, defended her.
First and foremost, nanonood ba talaga kayo ng Kalokalike? "KALOKALIKE" nga di ba, di naman sinabing "DUPLICATE" or "KATALENT" malamang po na mas maganda si Kathryn at medyo hawig nya lang kasi iba siya. Gumamit naman kayo ng konting utak, she's just a normal girl. Di siya nag acting workshop, nag Belo or kung ano ano pa kaya sana maintindihan nyo na hanggang dun lang yung kaya niya. She's just trying to pursue her dreams tapos maraming hates lang ang matatanggap niya? Come on guys, get a life.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

SPOTTED: Clash of Clans: Revenge Super Bowl TV commercial

I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with the app/game Clash of Clans. It's one of the most downloaded games in history. It's quite a  great game to play, and to be honest, it's addicting.

But, wait there's more! The Clash of Clans: Revenge commercial has just been released a few days ago! What a great day to start the week, right? :D I do hope that more games like these will be launched soon to entertain us. Watch the trailer below.

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel Clash of Clans

Monday, February 9, 2015

TRENDING: Crazy Beautiful You, starring Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo

The hottest love team in town has another movie in store for their fans, and it's entitled "Crazy Beautiful You". The love team of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo has never failed to keep fans entertained and excited. Watch them as they make you scream with the magic they bring, on cam.

Video Courtesy:: Youtube channel ABS-CBN Star Cinema

Sunday, February 8, 2015

GOOD NEWS: Owl City to hold Manila concert for FREE

"I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems
When I fall asleep"

Image Link: Edgeboss
Surprise! Surprise!

American singer/singwriter Adam Young, more popularly known as Owl City, will be holding a free concert in Manila this May 8. It will be held at the Bonifacio High Street Central Plaza, he announced last Saturday on his social media accounts.

“To my friends in the Philippines! I’m SO EXCITED to share I will be playing in Manila on May 8th at Bonifacio High Street Central Plaza! This show is free! See you soon!” the “Fireflies” singer announced in his official Facebook account.

His May 8 concert will be his third one in the country and is part of his five-country Asia tour. Owl City's hit songs include “Good Time” (with Carly Rae Jepsen), "Fireflies", “When Can I See You Again” and “Vanilla Twilight.”

WOW: The Voice PH's Jason Dy can dance!

I was able to view "The Voice of the Philippines" Season 2 today online and my goodness, look what I found! My top pick Jason Dy knows how to dance! He wowed the audience with his moves while singing Usher's "Oh My Gosh".

Watch Jason Dy perform "Oh My Gosh" below! This man truly deserves to get into the Finals. I am slightly envious of this guy! He's got it all; surely he's being eyed now by ABS-CBN's big bosses. His charm and talent will most likely go a long way.

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel The Voice of the Philippines Season 2

Jason's performance can be seen by skippinng to 2:20. Also, Monique Lualhati wowed me with her electrifying "Bang! Bang!" experience. These guys are leveling up! Competition's really upbeat!

FLASH NEWS: US drone watched Mamasapano debacle

Here's the whole article on the Philippine Daily Inquirer which revealed that the United States supported the mission of the PNP Special Action Force (SAF). I'm sharing it because it's quite a good read. Credits to PDI and its Correspondent-at-Large Arlyn de la Cruz.
MANILA, Philippines–They were not alone. Big Brother was up there monitoring their every move. 
“Kasalukuyan pong nag-e-encounter ang 5th Battalion sa Maguindanao para sa misyon kay Marwan” (The 5th Battalion is right now engaged in a mission in Maguindanao against Marwan), an officer from the assault team said, recording what was happening on the ground about 8 in the morning of Jan. 25 in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. 
He then apparently tilts up the camera of his cell phone: “The drone is circling.” 
MalacaƱang and the United States Embassy have not addressed the rumors of US participation in the Mamasapano operation that targeted the most wanted terrorist in Southeast Asia, Zulkifli bin Hir, alias “Marwan.” 
But with a more-than-two-minute video on his phone, a member of the assault team of the Philippine National Police Special Action Force (PNP SAF) captured on film proof that a drone, or an unmanned aircraft, believed to be from the US forces in the Philippines was at the scene that day. 
The drone is believed to have originated from the US drone facility in Zamboanga City.
The video supports the initial claim of Senior Insp. Recaredo Marasigan that they proceeded with the mission because they had real-time intelligence. A human intelligence or an asset or assets on the ground cannot provide real-time intelligence. 
Only a drone can. 
According to retired PNP Gen. Rodolfo “Boogie” Mendoza, drone utilization is basically a counterintelligence technology that is “very effective and can pinpoint accurate locations.” Mendoza is president of the Philippine Institute for Peace, Violence and Terrorism Research. 
The video would also tend to validate the claim of a source who earlier this week told the Inquirer that the United States, which he said had “an obsession with Marwan,” had fully funded and provided the training for the Mamasapano operation. He said the whole operation had been planned in a secret facility inside La Vista de Mar Resort in Zamboanga, where Americans reportedly operated a facility and where members of the 84th SAF company were trained for the operation against Marwan. 
Forty-two members of the main assault force assigned to get Marwan came from the 84th SAF, and 36 from the 55th SAF served as the blocking force. In all, 392 SAF commandos were sent to Mamasapano. Forty-four ended up dead, 35 of them from the 55th SAF. 
The source said the Americans were focused on the 84th SAF because they had the tissue sample of Marwan. After killing the terrorist, the assault team had cut off his right index finger to be used for DNA confirmation. 
He said the Americans had used a drone to monitor the exact location of the 84th SAF. “This is why even if the 84th SAF men were located deeper in the area, only a few were killed. But the 55th SAF lost all but one of its men because no help from the Americans arrived,” he said. 
The two-minute video shows one of the SAF officers who was killed that day was still alive about 8 a.m. 
There was heavy fighting from a distance of about 500 to 800 meters, from which the assault team initially managed to stay undetected. 
In the video, members of the assault team could be seen smiling and in apparent high spirits, with one of the SAF members commenting, “ang maligalig kong boss” (my restless boss), in reference to his superior officer who took the video with his cell phone. 
In another audio recording of the fire fight, nonstop and overwhelming ammunition release was caught by the same cellular phone. It was coming from the side of the combined forces of the separatist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and its supposed splinter group, the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF). 
Marasigan, one of the commandos from the assault team who survived the slaughter, explained that the team tried to approach the trapped officers and members of the beleaguered 55th SAF blocking force but he said the enemy’s massive force was just too enormous. 
By 11 a.m., the location of the assault team was detected. Nine of its members were killed and 11 wounded. 
At one point in the video, the officer who recorded what was happening on the ground even said: “Malapit na ang highway” (The highway is quite close). However, they could not make a quick getaway because of the sudden massing of forces of the MILF and the BIFF.
Knowing the risks 
The United States through the US Embassy has only admitted to helping in the retrieval of the injured commandos. Americans in civilian clothes were seen in Maguindanao and on board the private helicopter that carried out the retrieval but as to which agency they belonged, there was no clear statement from the United States. 
Asked by this reporter what they thought about the rumored participation of the United States, Marasigan said: “Whether there is US or no US help is irrelevant. Marwan is a very dangerous man and we were all one in our mission to get him. Any government is right in targeting to neutralize a person like Marwan.” 
“We went there knowing the risk, knowing that some of us may never return alive to our families. We did it not because of any help or any bounty for Marwan. Our comrades died not in vain, true heroes, true warriors, not fallen, because they knew the extreme risk involved,” he said. 
Since January 2014, the entire elite SAF force was asked the same question almost every day: “At the end of the day, what makes you happy?” 
And the response was always a resounding: “Kill Marwan!! Kill Marwan!!!”