Wednesday, May 14, 2014

SPOTTED (Must Watch!): He was bullied in school, so he wrote a song which blew everyone in Britain's Got Talent away

There are times when our experiences help us create words from the heart, add rhythm to it, and make it a very powerful song. In this case, a kid who was bullied in the past wrote a song about it, and rapped it onstage while performing at Britain's Got Talent. Very impressive!

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel Britain's Got Talent

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Napoles camp hands over pork barrel scam list to Lacson

The camp of Pork Barrel Queen Napoles has handed over the pork barre scam list to Lacson. The list of senators, congressmen, and agency staff who were allegedly involved in the pork barrel scam of Napoles is found below.

Surprisingly, found in the list are names of former senators Loren Legarda and Koko Pimentel, and incumbent senators Allan Peter Cayetano and Francis Chiz Escudero. This list will definitely cause a web stir and progress and developments in this political problem will definitely be observed by the people.

Watch out, the drama is yet to begin.

Monday, May 12, 2014

SPOTTED: Mother's embrace brings dead baby back to life

Want another incredible story? In the video shown below, a mother's embrace was able to bring back her dead baby back to life, but how is that possible? A miracle? Could be. 

Watch the video as it shows how the baby, presumed clinically dead, came back to life when the mother had her last touch and final goodbye. This is very interesting. Truly, a mother's pure love defies all odds. Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there!

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel howlifebegan

Sunday, May 11, 2014

SPOTTED: Amazing real life story of a cat taking good care of ducklings

I came across this Youtube video of a strange yet unique happening wherein a cat found itself nursing three ducklings unexpectedly a few hours before giving birth to her own kittens.

It's really amazing how such events could happen, especially when anyone could think that a cat that sees a duckling would usually and normally slaughter them as their natural instinct. But, it didn't happen. Pretty incredible.

Found below is the video of this wonderful story, which only goes to show that mothers, regardless of what appearance their offspring may look like, will love unconditionally. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in the world!

Video Courtesy: Youtube user Graham D

SPOTTED: UP Freshmen Do's and Don'ts

I spotted a video created by one orgranization in UP Diliman which teaches incoming UP freshmen students or 'freshies' as they are call what stuff to do and not to do upon entry into the nation's leading university.

So, are you an incoming UP freshman? How can you endure and evade being power-tripped by upper classmen? What can you do in order to get along with UP life?

Here are some advices from our Ate's and Kuya's. Hope these can assist you in your stay in the University of the Philippines. Iskolar ng Bayan, Para sa Bayan!

Viideo Courtesy: Youtube channel UPForty Niners