Friday, April 30, 2010

Aquino Leads Survey

Overthrown president Joseph "Erap" Estrada now competes with Sen. Manuel "Manny" Villar for the second-to-the-highest rating spot, while Sen. Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III overtakes with a 19-pt lead, as supported by the latest survey conducted by Pulse Asia Inc.

Villar's drop in ratings could be due to the rise of negative stories impacting negative voter feedback and lowering his integrity.

More of this report can be seen here.

28 Children slashed at kindergarten school, China

Re: Man stabs 28 children at kindergarten in China (Yahoo! News)

OMG. I can't just deal with this type of article. It shocked me greatly. I feel defenseless. I can't imagine a man horribly stabbing and slashing the innocent. What the h*** is wrong with China's local security? What the h*** is wrong with that guy. Sorry, I just got carried away.

To view the article, click here.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

MILF Not to Disrupt Elections

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front, Philippines' largest Muslim rebel group, has agreed to help prevent violence on a troubled southern island in Mindanao during conduct of its national and local elections, Major-General Anthony Alcantara said on Saturday. "We have secured a commitment from the rebels not to disrupt the elections on May 10," southern Mindanao’s army commander told Reuters.

Alcantara said the rebels had agreed to ward off any polling precinct and not to disperse their forces from May 3 to 13. "We're not allowing anybody with guns in polling areas except soldiers and police officers," he continued.

On Friday, easefire "panels" from both sides signed an agreement. Toks Ebrahim, head of the MILF's ceasefire negotiators, stated that they would tell their forces to resist violence which would disrupt both the elections and other peace talks. He told media that they we’ll restrain their forces to avoid violence during the elections.

This year’s elections will provide fresh hopes for achieving peace and progress not only in Mindanao but in the whole nation as well. From a pool of ten yearning presidential candidates possessing different plans for the country, only one will get the highest government position in the archipelago.

The newly elected leaders must act fast if we want the Philippines to attain sustainable development and fare well in the international level so as not to get left behind. This will only happen if we choose and put into position the right set of leaders the country has ever needed for such a long time. Vote wisely. Do not settle on the crowd’s favorite or on what people endorse to you. Vote on the candidate whom you really believe in and you would entrust your loved ones’ future.

Election 2010 Update: GPS Trackers for PCOS Machines

April 23, 2010 (Friday) - Director Roberto Rosales says that the National Capital Region Police Office will be mounting GPS (Global Positioning System) trackers on all police patrol vehicles to secure the transport of the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines which will be used come election day.

“Iron Man 2” Early Showing in Philippine Movie Theaters

MANILA, Philippines - The country manager of United International Pictures Philippines, Selina Gecolea, announces that “Iron Man 2” starring Robert Downey Jr. will hit the local theaters five days ahead of its planned US premier date. This was intended as part of their measures on anti-piracy. Critics anticipate the movie’s high viewer impact and large debut earnings. Watch “Iron Man 2” this Friday – April 30.

Tacloban City: A Business Attraction

There will be an influx of business establishments to Tacloban now that it has been declared with public support as a Highly Urbanized City. 

This could be the primary reason why the city government plans to convert the Kanhuraw Convention Center into a one-stop-shop business center. Alongside it, Mayor Alfred Romualdez calls for a “fast-track business transactions to the city hall” by proposing the computerization of its operations.

He also added that some city government offices such as the City Assessor’s Office and the City Treasurer’s Office will have to be transferred to the business center. This means that all transactions related to the renewal of and the application for business permits will be done there.

According to the city mayor, the one-stop-shop will pave way for faster transactions and lesser hassle on part of the investors in applying for business permits. In this way, he concluded, Tacloban will have a business-friendly image.