Saturday, January 24, 2015

PRC extends deadline of filing of application for March 2015 LET

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) has announced (last Wed, January 21) that it has extended the deadline for the filing of application for the following board exams on the said dates:

Board Licensure Exam for Professional Teachers (BLEPT) 
  • from January 23 extended to January 28 (repeaters)
  • from January 30 extended to February 4 (first time applicants)

2015's first Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) will be conducted on Sunday, March 29 in Manila, Zamboanga and other regional offices. PRC target release date of LET results is on May 15 or after 47 calendar days.

SPOTTED: How to fold a shirt fast

The video that is featured in this post discusses a quick way how to fold a shirt under 2 seconds. 

justify;"> Video Courtesy: Youtube user DaveHax

In his description, DaveHax, the owner of the video said :
This step by step guide shows you how to fold a shirt very quickly. Works on all short sleeved tops including t-shirts and polo shirts. Great tutorial and easy to learn.

Someone taught me the technique last year, I've been told its a Japanese technique which dates back to the eighties, but who invented it and when exactly I don't know.

I guess what you've learned from the video above is one old hack but definitely a good, useful one! Hope you enjoyed this post!

Friday, January 23, 2015

PH SPOTLIGHT: How to raise pigs and make an odorless pigpen (babuyang walang amoy)

So how can one raise pigs well? Paano nga ba magpalaki ng baboy? 

In the past, when we visit our hometown, we were able to see real live piglets being conceived manually by the local folks. This brought me the question, is it really hard to raise pigs? Is it costly?

The video below isn't about snorting or what (haha). It's about making an odorless pigpen (babuyang walang amoy) using the most updated technology.

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel PinoyHowTo

VIRAL: Kokoi Baldo sings Bilog na Naman ang Buwas in The Voice PH

Here's one amazing singer! Kokoi Baldo, in a bid to beat competitors in the Knock Out round of The Voice Philippines Season 2, sang the challenging OPM (local) song "Bilog na Naman ang Buwan". His rendition earned him a standing ovation from Coach Leah. Would he make it to the the Finals? Let's see.

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel The Voice of the Philippines

Thursday, January 22, 2015

SPOTTED: Movie trailer for MTV's Unfriended

Last week, MTV released the official trailer of its movie Unfriended. What's this movie about?

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel MTV

Here's what "Unfriended" is about. Six high school friends with a dark secret receive a Skype message from a classmate who committed suicide a year ago after someone uploaded a video of her online.

MTV gives another scare this time, saying:
Online, your memories last forever. But so do your mistakes
One commenter ToadToadstool reacted with:
*Watches trailer
*Deletes Facebook
*Deletes Twitter
*Deletes Skype
Heaton Junior, on the other hand, added some humor:
Moral of the story: don't buy a fucking blender
As of posting time, the trailer has received 4 million views and 38k likes.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

VIRAL: Jimmy Fallon Blew a Chance to Date Nicole Kidman

Here's one video you shouldn't miss wherein you'll see Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman having two very different embarrassing memories of the afternoon they first met.

Jimmy Fallon realizes he could have dated Nicole Kidman! This is just adorable. And youtube users just can't contain their excitement upon realizing this. :)

One commenter, Nigel Thornberry, said:
Wow, that was hilarious. And man do they have chemistry. They both look so embarrassed, yet can't stop laughing and smiling at each other. If they were both still single, no doubt they would have been fucking in the dressing room right after the show.

Another one, thesheepthatwentmoo, said:

Next special guest needs to be Rick and explain himself.

This week has just been too awesome! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

WATCH: Amazing Blank Space and Style Mash-up

I found this video on Youtube and it's really amazed me!

Youtube user Louisa Wendorff partnered with a friend Devin Dawson in producing a mash-up of Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" and "Style". Watch it!

Video Courtesy: Youtube user Louisa Wendorff

As of posting time, the video has garnered 12.8 million views! And not only that, it's had a 100k likes and ONLY 900 dislikes. If up this point, you still haven't been convinced to watch the video, then I don't know what else to say to convince you! :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

INSPIRING: Ballerina Misty Copeland in Under Armour's I Will What I Want campaign

To everyone who's having a hard time reaching who they want to become, it's time you watch this very inspiring short video!

Her destiny was not to be a ballerina, but Misty Copeland's will trumped fate. In Under Armour's new campaign "I Will What I Want", anyone can dare to dream and chase their dreams even if there are too many obstacles.

Misty Copeland, according to Wikipedia, is an author, entertainer, and American ballet dancer for American Ballet Theatre (ABT), one of the three leading classical ballet companies in the United States

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel Under Armour

Under Armour is the second biggest sports clothing and accessories company in the world, only next to Nike. It had its humble beginnings 19 years ago, when then 23-year-old Kevin Planck began selling apparel from his car's trunk. Now it beat popular Adidas, bring the latter to third place worldwide.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

NEWSFLASH: 6 million Filipinos attended Pope Francis' mass in Luneta, says PNA, MMDA


How many Filipinos attended Pope Francis' Luneta mass?

Well, the state-owned Philippine News Agency gave a crowd estimate of 6 million during the Papal Mass that occurred today (January 18): broken down into 4 million at the Quirino Grandstand and another 2 million at the side streets leading to Rizal Park and the Apostolic Nunciature. 

This figure surpassed the number of devotees and well-wishers placed at 5 million during the 1995 visit of Pope John Paul II for the World Youth Day in Manila.

In support of the number provided by PNA is a twitter announcement by the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA):
As of 5:30 p.m., MMDA official crowd estimate is 6M people gathered in Luneta Mass and papal route.
Report from Interaksyon.com and Inquirer.

PINOY PRIDE: High school student sings classic Mula sa Puso effortlessly

Justin Andrew Cruz, a grade 9 student of Batasan National High, gets his one shot to fame after a video of him singing "Mula sa Puso" in front of his classmates reached netizens.

In the 2.5-minute-running video, netizens fell in love with his voice. Watch this Filipino high school student serenade you with the ever-classic "Mula sa Puso".

Video Courtesy: Youtube user Josan Imperial

MUST WATCH: Man surprised, cries to happiness after pregnancy surprise in photo booth

Is someone peeling onions? :')

What does pure happiness look like? 

This video has got to be one of the best records of real reactions of sweet guys when find out that their wives are pregnant. Watch it and see how this man reacts inside the photo booth after lately realizing what the pregnant woman wanted to emphasize when she raised a white towelette with the word "baby" sown on it.

Video Courtesy: Youtube user Jessica Devins

The Story:

The man in the video had no idea that her girlfriend will be revealing, in front of the camera, that she is pregnant. For all the guy knew, he thought that they were just gonna take a photo inside the photo booth as memorabilia.

But this day couldn't get any happier, as it was on this day that he will realize that he'll be a father to the baby soon.

While taking photos together, the woman displayed a white cloth with the word "baby" on it. The guy didn't quite catch what she wanted to relay, but soon when he realizes what his girlfriend wanted to tell him, no words could express what you have just seen.