Saturday, July 12, 2014

Videos: It's More Fun in the Philippines

The Philippines, a beautiful archipelago blessed with mesmerizing landscapes and happy people, is surely looking forward to seeing more tourists in the coming years as they take a peek at what this nation has to show to the world.

Being a resident of this country, I am aware there are a lot of issues that we, as a people, are facing; despite all these, our inherent hospitality never fails to impress every visitor from all parts of the world.

Cebu, Manila, Boracay, Davao - take your pick! Why it's more fun in the Philippines? I guess the answer lies in the videos below. Happy viewing!

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel DOT Philippines
Video Courtesy: Youtube channel DOT Philippines
Video Courtesy: Youtube channel DOT Philippines
Video Courtesy: Youtube channel DOT Philippines

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

MUST WATCH: Pinoy Mash Up King mixes songs in just one music number

Found this video of Youtube sensation Pinoy Mash Up King singing different songs using only song melody. He really amazed me! Watch it! Hope he'll go mainstream and be discovered by the talent agencies! It's actually a nice rendition.

Video Courtesy: Youtube user Jeffrey Jimenez

VIRAL: Funny video of Koreans trying to speak Tagalog

Stressed much? Watch this really funny video of Koreans trying to speak Tagalog in one of Korea's popular reality TV shows Real Men.

In its recent episode, the Real Men casts consisting of Korean stars Kim Su Ro, Seo Kyung Suk, Park Hyung Shik of Z:EA, Sam Hammington, Park Gun Hyung, Chun Jung Myung, K.Will, and Henry Lau of Super Junior went to Tacloban for five nights and six days and worked as military volunteers to South Korean military troop Araw Contingent.

Video Courtesy: Youtube user tanom2000

How to Open an Individual Investment Account with COL Financial

Want to venture into stock investment? Join COL Financial; it's one of the best online stock brokers in town. I'm just about to join COL; I have already submitted my documents except for one, my TIN number.

I'm creating a Trading Account; that's for those who'd like to invest a minimum of 25000 Php. For those with a at least 5000 Php in hand, they may opt to take the EIP or Easy Investment Program. The difference would have to be the research tools available for the investor. Trading accounts have better statistical tools and analyses results compared to EIP.

Now, how does one open an individual account with COL Financial? Here are four easy steps you need to know if you want to submit to become a stock owner via COL.

1. First, make sure that you have a TIN number. Get one at your nearest RDO (Regional District Office) but don't forget to bring the right documents (ask your nearest BRI branch to know what are needed, but usually requirements include Barangay Certification and NSO Birth Certificate). I'm still having difficulty getting my TIN number because there's some confusion as to which RDO of BIR I should be going to.

2. Check out the documents needed via this link or by clicking the links below. You'll need the following filled out:

Screenshot from COL Financial website
3. Now, once you've completed all these, proceed to the COL Financial Business Center. Its address is 2403B East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Rd. Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605 Philippines. To get to COL's business center, just ride an MRT and reach Shaw Boulevard Station. 

Then, ask around where you could find San Miguel Corporation's Head Office, it's an awesome green (environment-friendly) building. To get to San Miguel Corp, walk along the sides of SM Megamall. You'll know it's San Mig if, while you're seeing a plant-filled building in front of you, your back's facing SM Megamall.

The Philippine Stock Exchange Center is found at the back of San Miguel Corp's main office so you'll have to roam around the vicinity of the Head Office in a clockwise manner. How can you make sure it's where you're headed? You'll come across the car entrance of San Miguel Corp's headquarters. 

In just a few walks from there, you'll see the PSE Center. Cross the pedestrian lane leading to the road alongside it. Upon reaching PSE Center, just go the the 24th floor and find the business center.

Hope this information helped you open an investment account! Happy investing!