Sunday, February 28, 2016

HEALTH | [VIDEO] How do wounds (sugat) heal?

A lot of curious, young learners out there might just wonder. 

How do wounds or sugat heal? A video by Youtube channel TED-Ed would explain to you the basic mechanisms of how wounds heal. By watching this animation on wound healing, you will learn the process and be able to share it with others too. Sa pamamagitan ng video na ito, malalaman mo na kung gaano kagaling ang katawan natin.

Image ScreenCap: Youtube channel TED-Ed

So when someone asks you what happens when someone accidentally gets wounded, you can explain what actually happens to the area injured. Now you know. :)

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel TED-Ed

Well, you might just have a followup question. "When will my broken heart heal?" The answer to that is... when you finally move on. Hope you learned something new today!