Friday, August 3, 2012

Reactions: Arroyo choked on melon, back in hospital

An Inquirer report revealed today that now Pampanga Rep Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo returned back to Veterans Memorial Medical Center Thursday night due to a strain in her neck while trying to let out the melon that choked her. Preliminary investigation showed that Arroyo suffered "acute cervical and lumbar pain."

Reading this article, I can't help but laugh at the comments bombarded by Inquirer's avid readers. Despite all the debacles that are facing Filipinos' day-to-day living, they still find time to entertain themselves and take a break after a long-day's work. 

The famous, most benta inside-jokes include that of user mad_as_Hamlet who said that the "melon should be declared our national fruit. And whoever gave GMA that melon, a national hero."

Another comment coming from the same user cites a witty unrealistic announcement of Malacanang mulling "declaring today and every August 3 as 'Melon Holiday'. GMA camp one step ahead. Goes to SC for a TRO and to declare Melon as 'fruta non grata.'"

A comic user, Toni, asked "where can I send more melon for GMA?"

Hahaha. These comments really filled my night with the good vibe and overflowing happiness. Though GMA's situation seems terrible, I know she'll be okay. She's wealthy and has a lot of connections. To be redirected to the original article, click here.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I was once an UPCAT taker

I was once an UPCAT taker, but I never thought I could make it.

I was not the typical smart student in high school. I didn't really get into much student leadership involvement or extra-curricular activities either. I was a mediocre.

People say only the best in their high schools get to pass the UPCAT. That may be true, but NOT ALWAYS. I was the outlier.

I only ranked 11th or 12th in our whole batch of less than a hundred. Took a few school responsibilities, and that's it. I attended review classes prior UPCAT. Not only that, I SELF-STUDIED; for you don't know what body part will be asked, yet all you know is that Science will not be a no-brainer. Lest, you don't know anything at all.

Some of you may have come from really great schools with prestige. You may have had excelled in your classes; a lot of you may have been good student body leaders - the best representatives.

Thus, I choose to deviate; here I am speaking to you, cheering up those who feel they're less better than the rest.

So, this coming UPCAT, feel like you're the best you ever wanted to become. It's just once-in-a-lifetime that you get to have this opportunity - of feeling BEST in an exam.

When I entered my exam room, I gleamed my confidence, even if I know there are well-awarded students around. With my snacks and pencils in my backpack, I knew I was ready. I brought with me some of my 7 effective tips and tactics in dealing with the UPCAT - these were my own, so create yours.

First, always watch the clock. It speaks a lot.

Second, take time to eat the snacks in the bag; they keep us alive.

Third, make a second guess whenever doubt arises.

Fourth, perform a shotgun of the lucky letter (mine was b) once the feeling of panic and fast-striding of time begins.

Fifth, breathe to give more space to think.

Sixth, leave no item blank; it's more probable to get right than not get it at all.

And finally, be CONFIDENT. It changes the mood, the pace of answering, and everything in between. For it's not only during the UPCAT that you'll need a boost of confidence; you'll need it for the rest of your UP life IF YOU PASS.

I was once an UPCAT taker, and now I'm a graduate. To all UPCAT takers, give out all you got!