Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spotlight Philippines launches iSpot Company Feedback service

Got complaints against a certain company's bad customer service? Ever had recurring dropped calls in just one day? Been sold fake accessories, bags? Being passed on by customer representatives to different divisions for your iPhone 5 which does not seem to be working after two weeks of use? 

Poor, slow service in a fast food service? Additional delivery and other hidden charges for something you bought online or for a good service you availed last time which turned sour? Improperly addressed flight concerns for company employee-committed mistakes? Getting no response from a large corporation? Not receiving receipts after buying a lot of items?

Getting below-minimum daily wages? Your boss emotionally scolding you all the time? Overused and overexploited by the company?

Worry no more! You can now share your grievances on poor customer service by using out simpple iSpot Company Feedback service. Post your complaints in anonymity through this post! Who knows, a lot of people share the same sentiments and empathize with you. 

Send your company complaints to spotlightphilippines(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)ph. This service has arisen due to the author's disappointment on some companies' shift of concern from customer satisfaction to neglective profit maximization without consideration of working environment or provision for the needs of its employees which then affect their productivity and work ethics in the bigger picture. iSpot Company Feedback service is now available for complaints and concerns, and will start posting on Spotlight Philippines next week.

The service's philosophy lies on collective action to raise concerns that affect the general population influencing the market of these companies, so as to achieve better service and improve or alleviate stress generated from these external factors.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Check, view results of April 2013 NMAT online

The results of the April 2013 NMAT can now be accessed online. The National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) online results can be electronically downloaded through the Center for Education Measurment, Inc. (CEM) website.

CEM has released the NMAT results for April 2013 online. The NMAT stratifies aspiring medical students who want to enter any medical institution in the Philippines according to know-how and Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

Your NMAT score will gauge whether or not you can make it to your desired or dream med school. The cut-off scores varies from one institution to the other. The NMAT cut-off score to enroll in University of the Philippines-Manila is one of the highest (at 90 percentile) compared to other med schools like St. Luke’s College of Medicine (SLCM), University of Santo Tomas (UST), Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM), Mindanao State University (MSU), West Visayas State University - La Paz (WVSU), Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health (ASMPH), among others.

A master list of the NMAT scores obtained by everyone who took the April 7, 2013 NMAT will be made available to different medical schools so a few students may already be target/prospect and/or top priority med school applicants by these schools.

View and download the electronic copy of the NMAT results at CEM NMAT scores. Just key in the date when you took the NMAT, your application number, your SURNAME, and your GIVEN NAME. Then, this is what would appear in the site upon entering the information needed:

Monday, April 29, 2013

Two PH presidents included in world's ten most corrupt leaders list

Two former Presidents of the Republic of the Philippines have been part of the list of the world's ten most corrupt leaders, citing Transparency International Global Corruption Report 2004.
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Overthrown dictator Ferdinand Marcos and impeached Joseph "Erap" Estrada were named two of the most corrupt in over two decades of presidential history. During his extended term, Marcos allegedly looted money amounting to 5-10 billion US dollars or at least P200 billion, placing him second next to Indonesia's Mohamed Suharto who stole at least three (3) times larger than what Marcos embezzled.

To access full report by Transparency International, proceed here.
Meanwhile, former President Estrada ranked 10th allegedly having taken away 78 to 80 million US dollars or at least P3 billion in public funds. Estrada has again engaged into politics by rivaling incumbent Mayor Alfredo Lim for the chairmanship of the Manila City government.

The list did not include presidential-successor-to-Estrada, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, whose administration's image has been tainted with a lot of public fund misuse, scams, and other scandals. Some notable ones  during her term include the NBN ZTE scandal, the "Hello Garci" wiretap scandal, the North Rail Project, Fertilizer scam, corruption in various branches under the regime, among others.

World Perception

The Philippines has experienced a high jump in Corruption Perceptions Index from rank 141 (with 2.3 index points) in 2008 to rank 105 (with 34 index points) in 2012 out of 180+ nations monitored, but a great degree of challenge remains still for the democratic country to take itself up a higher level and sustain an inclusive economic growth that trickles down the lowest sectors of PH society.

Last year, Finland was the world's perceptively least corrupt nation with a CPI of 90.

In Southeast Asia, Singapore is least corrupt with CPI of 87, ranking 5th overall. It is noticeable that the world's second biggest economy China has a higher CPI of 37 compared to that of the Philippines. The world's most corrupt nations in 2012 are North Korea, Afghanistan, and Somalia. Most African nations have very low CPI.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Is she the "girlfriend" of Charice Pempengco?

Agilely spreading like wildfire in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter is an alleged photo of International singing sensation Charice Pempengco together with a mysterious girl - whom "some" people dubbed and became curious about as the rumored girlfriend of the Charice. Is she really Charice's girlfriend? Or could she be a fan who just managed to take some photos with the Pyramid singer?

Or have the people's prejudice reached a level far intolerable than normal? Well, if she is indeed Charice's partner, then let them enjoy a good life. They're just like us. And the norm dictated in the status quo has continuously adjusted up befitting what society didn't think of having several decades ago.

Lover or not, regardless of whatever gender a person embraces, each one of us deserve respect the way we want respect to be earned by us.