Saturday, January 5, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Review

Some of you might be wondering. Is the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 worth the bucks? Well, here is an honest customer-made review about this smartphone.

When I bought the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 through a plan, it was worth a total of 14,000 Php last year - way costlier than it is today ranging from 6,000 Php to 9,500 Php. This cost disparity made me thinking. Do smartphone prices really depreciate that much in a year? How frequent do new arrival smartphones (upgraded, better versions) show up in the market? Is it worth no wait?

One thing I like about the Galaxy Ace is that its built-in applications are oriented to easy access social networking but are much like every other functioning smartphone in the world. Moreover, its 5.0 megapixel camera is not bad for the budget price offer. Good shots may be made; other than that, there are various modes with which the shots can be made.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 has a pretty stylish design with a glossy front revealing a minimalistic main button below it, metallic shiny sides embossed with a power button, a microSD slot (it's got only 153 MB memory), a charging slot, microUSB and headphone socket, and volume adjuster buttons, and a texture-filled back that somehow begs to differ. The back portion sports a different feel providing better grip and preventing scratches on it which make its easily handled.

It's lightweight even with a 3.5" screen whose applications run under Android 2.2 OS. A central button at the bottom-center leads the  user to the homescreen. On its sides are touch buttons for Back and Menu.

Resolution-wise, its got lesser pixel density per inch (148 ppi) compared to that of Apple's iPhone (320 ppi) and its bigger cousin, the Samsung Galaxy S II (220 ppi). Hence, the lower price it possesses.

Its 5.0 MP camera's excellence in its sub-category depends on the amount of lighting. At night, even with the night mode, photos seem to get a little bit blurred and unrecognizable.

The positions of applications on the divided horizontally-lengthy screen are customizable.

In terms of performance, the smartphone seems to be a bit slower than others especially when playing 3D games. Aside from that, the battery power suffers a lot due to the multiple tasks the Android OS performs. This is probably one of the things I hate about the Galaxy Ace S5830. So, if you're a gamer, better look for other smartphones that have longer and resilient battery life.

Its calling interface is neat. One would get to enjoy the typing experience, with relatively large numbers appearing on screen. It's also easy to start and end a call! Phone contacts are easily pulled in from different social networks; all that is needed is to log in to one of these (Facebook, Yahoo! Messenger, Gmail) and viola, the user's friends' contact numbers are stored in the phonebook. But, beware when transferring contacts through excel spreadsheet from one phone to another 'cause it might not result to what one expects it to be - contact names without numbers in it.

Hope this review has helped anyone looking into the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830's pros and cons. Yeah, the smartphone's relatively cheap so expect some compromises.

Friday, January 4, 2013

UPCAT Results 2013 (AY 2013-2014)

The results of the UPCAT or the UP College Admission Test for the AY 2013-2014 which was taken up last year has now been released.

Are you excited to know if you passed the UPCAT? Wait for several more days! The results of the UPCAT are found here. Congratulations to all passers!

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ABS-CBN Kapamily Shows in 2013

ABS-CBN, also known as the Kapamilya Station, has unveiled some of its new shows which are set to premiere this January 2013.

Video Courtesy: TheABSCBNNews 

These new to-look-forward shows include "Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw" showcasing Kris Aquino, Anne Curtis and Robin Padilla; "Juan Dela Cruz" starring Coco Martin; and funny romance-oriented film presenting Angeline Quinto, Paulo Avelino and Sam Milby.