Saturday, December 6, 2014

SPOTTED: Man helps dead shark give birth to her 3 baby shars

This is probably one of the nicest things I've ever seen online today.

A man helped release three baby sharks inside their mother's womb. The video, uploaded on Youtube, is 

a good example of respect to all forms of life. A dead shark was washed ashore on the beach when a lady notices something strange. The dead shark was pregnant since there was some movement in the stomach region of the dead shark. She takes help of a beach goer who volunteers to help. He cuts open the shark and delivers the 3 baby sharks inside it. The baby sharks are alive and moving, so they put it back into the water.

Check out the video and enjoy!

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel Bodhispeak

SPOTTED: Ice tsunami

We all know what tsunamis are, right? What about ice tsunamis?

Yes, you're reading them right. Apparently, ice tsunamis or ice shoves exist. But, is it actually fast-moving? Or is it even destructive? 

Ice shoves occur when strong winds or currents force the ice from the water’s surface to move towards the land. These events are also called “ice tsunamis” because of how they approach the land. 

However, unlike water tsunamis, ice shoves are closer to icebergs than tsunamis in the way they work. The force coming from an ice shove may be powerful enough to topple trees, houses, and docks that stand in its way. 

Look at the video of an ice tsunami below.

Video Courtesy: Youtube user Jim Morgenstern

#RubyPH: Bagyong Hagupit Updates, Emergency Numbers

I found a list compiled by Inquirer.Net which enlists all the possible emergency contact details or information to take note in preparation for typhoon Ruby or Hagupit.

It's important that as early as now, everyone within or which will be within Hagupit's range be able to copy the necessary information in case power interruption and cell communication line disconnection take place. Keep safe everyone!

Social Media

For aid and relief efforts — #ReliefPH
For those in need of rescue — #RescuePH
For resolved #RescuePH tweets — #SafeNow
To report floods — #FloodPH
To report missing people — #TracingPH
To report no classes — #WalangPasok

Government agencies landlines
NDRRMC Trunkline 911-5061 to 65,
NDRRMC Operation Center 911-1406 / 912-2665 / 912-5668 / 911-1873
PNP hotline: 117 / 722-0650
PNP Text hotline: 0917-847-5757
Fire Department Direct Line: 426-0219 / 426-3812 /426-0246
DOTC Central Hotline: 7890
MMDA hotline: 136
DPWH hotline: 165-02 / 304-3000
Phil Red Cross hotline: 143 / 527-0000
Philippine Coast Guard hotline: 527-3877 / 0917-724-3682 / 0918-967-4697
DSWD hotline: 931-81-01 / 0918-912-2813

Office of the Civil Defense regional offices directory
National Capital Region: (02) 913-2786
Region I: (072) 607-6528 / 700-4747
Region II: (078) 844-1630
Region III: (045) 455-1526
Region IV-A: (049) 834-4244 / 531-7279
Region IV-B: (043) 723-4248
Region V: (052) 481-1656
Region VI: (033) 337-6671 / 509-7971;
Region VII: (032) 416-5025 / 416-5025
Region VIII: (053) 323-8453
Region IX: (062) 215-3984
Region X: (088) 857-3988 / 875-3907
Region XI: (082) 233-2022 / 233-0611
Region XII: (083) 552-9759 / 553-2994
Cordillera Administrative Region: (074) 304-2256
CARAGA: (085) 815-6345

Check out the full list of emergency contact numbers here: http://www.gov.ph/emergency-hotlines/

Hagupit Updates:
As of 1:04 PM (Friday),
As of 11:05 PM (Friday),
Typhoon "Ruby" has maintained its strength with max sustained winds of 195 kph and gustiness of up to 250 kph (PAGASA Weather Bulletin Number 8).