Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February 2015 Physician Board Exam: list of passers

The results of the February 2015 Physician Licensure Exam are now out. 594 out of 832 passed the board exam for PH doctors which was given in Manila and Cebu last February 8, 9, 15 and 16, 2015.

The members of the Board of Medicine who gave the licensure examination are Dr. Miguel L. Noche Jr., Chairman; Dr. Edgardo T. Fernando, Dr. Restituto C. De Ocampo, Dr. Jose Y. Cueto, Jr., and Dr. Mildred N. Pareja, Members.

Roll of Successful Examinees in the
Held on FEBRUARY 8, 2015 & FF. DAYS
Released on FEBRUARY 18, 2015
Seq. No. N a m e


Monday, February 16, 2015

NAPOLCOM Online Application (OLEASS) for 2015 PNP Entrance, Promotional Exam now open

The National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) has opened the online application system (OLEASS) for the April 26 (2015) PNP Entrance. It's made available on Monday, February 16 at 12 noon. Online application scheduling for promotional exam will be activated on February 23, 2015.

Scheduling system for PNP Entrance and Promotional Examination is open up to the specified date below. However, NAPOLCOM limits the number of applicants on quota-basis.

Please take note of the following dates:
PNP Entrance Exam
Online Application Scheduling (ENTRANCE EXAM): February 16 - 20, 2015

Promotional Exam

Period of Filing Application: 
March 2-27, 2015

When applying to take a NAPOLCOM examination, you have to do is provide the required personalinformation online (OLEASS), click on the SUBMIT button and your official confirmation stating your appointment date will be displayed on the screen. Do not apply if you're not qualified.

Note that testing location wherein a qualified applicant will take the examination is automatically assigned by the computer system based on the region where the permanent address/unit assignment is located.


1. Accomplish the one-page application form by filling out all of the blank fields in the application form. Fields marked with a red color are required. Submission will not be successful until all required fields are properly accomplished.


  • Use the scrollbar to select the desired option for promotional examinations and city/municipality.
  • When the search result is shown, click on the desired information to select the same. Use the exact keywords when searching.
  • Use the navigation key to select the month, day and year for the date of birth.
  • For applicants without a middle name, just key in a period (.)

2. When the encoding is completed, click the SUBMIT button. A notification message will appear on screen confirming that you have successfully submitted your application. You can immediately print the confirmation letter displayed on the screen.

3. Proceed to the NAPOLCOM Regional Office or to the office indicated on the confirmation letter and present all the documentary requirements for assessment, payment of prescribed fees and issuance of Notice of Admission (NOA).

4. For applicants who failed to print their confirmation letter, a QUERY/VIEW facility is available here.

The National Police Commission conducts two sets of police examinations twice a year, one for those who are already in the police service (promotional), and another for those aspiring to enter the Philippine National Police (PNP entrance).

The On-Line Examination Application Scheduling System (OLEASS) was opened to systematize scheduling of processing of exam applications at the NAPOLCOM NCR office and 15 regional offices nationwide.

NAPOLCOM announced that Regional Office reserves the right to limit the number of examinees it will accommodate. Acceptance of application shall be on a first come, first serve basis and upon due notice, may be stopped even ahead of the schedule.

PNP Entrance exam is open to all Filipino citizens who are not more than 30 years old, bachelor's degree holder with 1.57 (female) and 1.62 (male) meters in height.

On the other hand, promotional exam is open exclusively to all qualified uniformed members of PNP who meet the minimum qualifications standards for examination in terms of rank and eligibility.

WOW: Jason Dy sings South Border's Kahit Kailan

His versatility, in any musical genre, has time and time again stolen the spotlight in this season's The Voice of the Philippines. My favorite male contestant, last February 15, sang "Kahit Kailan" by South Border with simplicity but the impact of his voice really hits right through the heart!

No wonder people love him and continuously support him! Will he get into the Finals? I don't know but based on public votes yesterday, he's number two, next to Timmy Pavino. Just saddening that Kokoi Baldo had to leave the competition earlier than expected.

Well, this is competition and it's definitely heating up!

Here are the results of the Live Shows for Team Lea and Sarah:

Team Lea 
Timmy Pavino (""Story of My Life") - PUBLIC'S CHOICE
Leah Patricio ("Because You Loved Me") - LEA'S CHOICE
Nino Alejandro ("I Want to Know What Love Is") - ELIMINATED

Team Sarah 
 Jason Dy ("Kahit Kailan") - PUBLIC'S CHOICE
Monique Lualhati ("Butterfly") - SARAH'S CHOICE
Kokoi Baldo ("Message in a Bottle") - ELIMINATED

Watch Jason Dy sing "Kahit Kailan" below.

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel THEVOICEPH SEASON 2

VIRAL: There's nothing scarier than the sound of balloon popping

Scattered all around the web, I found a video (vine) that just tells us how scary a balloon that pops surprisingly is. Do you agree? If not, watch the video below. Most of us can relate to this! :))

Sunday, February 15, 2015

VIRAL: Way adorable daddy and son bonding

Here's one great way to cap off your Saturday!

Watch this daddy-son tandem as they outshine each other in an adorable game of sound blurting. It's too cute I can't resisting posting it here as a collection of my pre-paternity posts. (Nope, I'm no daddy yet, but I really can't wait to have one!)

Enjoy watching! Share this to your friends as well! :D