Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to Get a Police Clearance (in Quezon City Hall)

UPDATES: Living in Manila? Get your police clearance at Manila Police District fast and easy by clicking this link! :)

A police clearance is one of the few stuff you have to prepare whenever you want to work in the Philippines. It basically shows the employer if you have had committed any sanctioned action, termed as a crime, or if you have gone rogue as a citizen of the Philippines done something law-violating in your area or location. But exactly why do you need a police clearance? :)

Now, what you only need is a black ball pen and a photocopy of your ID showing your current residential address. Of course, you have to bring your actual valid ID if the sometimes-hot-tempered ladies in Step 1 become moody. Just check and familiarize yourself with the six (6) steps when applying for your police clearance. 

Just so you know, valid IDs include postal ID, passport ID, or any government agency-produced ID.

These steps could be universal, but disclaimer only, these steps were applicable when getting a police clearance in the Quezon City Hall. The position/location for performing each step may not necessarily be the same. Primarily, you have to proceed to QC Hall, then find the police clearance area at the back of the city hall just near the TESDA Office.

Step 1: Submission of valid ID photocopy, Filling out of Application Form
- Make sure you have with you a  photocopy of your valid ID (where you reside). Show it to the ladies near the Exit point of the Police Clearance Center. If you forget to photocopy your ID, there are photocopy stations everywhere; however, avoid doing so to prevent the hassle of going distances.
- Once you show the ID, the lady will give a gray form which you have to fill out using your ball pen.
- After writing down important information in the form, give it back to the lady together with the photocopy of your ID. Make sure that your address is complete to avoid being scolded.
- Once done, they will give you a payment slip. Bring this payment slip to the Cedula-and-Payment Area (I forgot what the actual name is, just ask the guard where to get the cedula and he will direct you how to get there)

Step 2: Payment 1
- Arriving inside the Cedula-and-Payment Area, you will have to sit in line, and eventually pay the clearance fee of 100 Php; you will receive a lengthwise-oriented receipt. Bring this back to the Police Clearance Center.

Step 3: Fingerprinting
- Proceed to the next station, near the Entrance point of the Police Clearance Center. Show your lengthwise-oriented receipt to the person-in-charge, and he will do the rest of the fingerprinting. Just give him your hands and stay calm.

Step 4: Payment 2
- Here, you will have to pay for a certain security fee (I'm sorry, I really forgot what the coined term is), basta it costs 150.00 Php.
- The counter for this step can be found easily. Just find the people falling in line, and observe two different tags or labels placed above the counters where they are queuing.
- Once you pay the fee of 150.00 Php, you will be given a smaller white receipt. These receipts are more familiar; they look like receipts produced when withdrawing from banks. Never lose it.

Step 5: Encoding, Taking of Photo, Digital Signing and Thumbprinting
- Just find the next line, or ask where to go next. Proceed to the counters with the label above it saying "Step 5", IF upon seeing the tent on the left there are no people sitting on the blocs of chairs.
- If there are people sitting in the left-side tent, go there. It's actually a line where they sit while they wait for the actual line.
- Eventually, you will be standing along the line that will lead you to your completion of the whole application.
- When you reach the counter for Step 5, present your application form and your white receipt. You will see a computer and a lady typing in your personal information; please make sure that everything that's encoded there is correct. Review the details carefully.
- You will then be asked to take off your glasses and other accessories, if you have one. Your face needs exposure, lol.
- Then, you will be requested to sign using a digital pen on a writing platform. Just sign there.
- Lastly, you will be asked to place one after the other your left and right thumb on a small thumb-sized scanner. The lady by the counter will then tell you you're done. Proceed to the final step.

Step 6: Releasing
- Proceed to the tent on the right and take a seat. Wait until your name's called. It takes around 10 minutes to wait.

Enjoy your police clearance and your new ID! Validity expires after one (1) year!

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