Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Real threat? Bombers in the metropolis?

After a very long hiatus, it's time for me to write again. Life has now been more busy than ever, thanks to post-graduate school. But, I just got alarmed when I learned of something dangerous that might likely happen. Proceed further if you'd like to know.

I read an article by the Manila Times several hours ago that a group of young bombers are already in Metro Manila for a "test mission". I don't if this is true, but I guess I have to share this and caution everyone to stay indoors rather than going to malls after attending class or work.

If there really is a real threat, what measures does the Aquino government enforce in order to prevent such? Could this be just a diversionary tactic to cause short-term memory gap with the spats of corruption scandals startling the country. Well, it won't hurt if we'd be more aware than more shocked when in the middle of the night the bad wolves will attack.