Saturday, August 25, 2012

On Sereno's appointment as Chief Justice of PH

The online bandwagon of constructive and destructive criticisms pointing to Chief Justice Sereno's  appointment has begun. Of all the articles that have been popping out of nowhere, it's the remarks at the bottom section that capture my attention.

Can we not resort to early judgment, and instead, give her time to see what she will do as the legitimate Guardian of democracy in the Philippines? Why bash her for being a close ally of the Cojuangco-Aquino clan, that would then again pave way for more unripe speculations of an 80-100% reversal in the decisions magistrates made concerning the Hacienda Luisita farmers ruling?

Stop the mentality. Support the government's plans and actions, but be vigilant all the time. Angat Pilipinas!

The Facebook problem

I was once an avid user of Facebook. I was one of the first Facebook registrants; at that time, I never really appreciated it 'cause I knew it would be the same as Friendster and Multiply. Apparently, it was not famous nor efficiently utilized.

Then suddenly, things got a bit twisted. Months after joining, Facebook was already part of my routine 10-hour diurnal life. I would open my account, check who's online, play games on  Facebook(e.g. Mafia Wars, Farmville and Pet Society), update my Facebook status, join FB groups, access videochat (which quite clearly failed to attract many users due to broadband problems in less developed, highly populated parts of the world), and of course, converse with my peers.

But then, I got a bit bored. The brakes of enthusiasm were hardly pressed. It's inevitable.

Now, I would only open my Facebook account to know if someone sent me a message and, as a form of cheaper communication, to talk some important stuff and decisions whenever the people concerned are online.

This is probably the reason why investors took a turnaround and engaged into dynamic profit-taking, causing the downgrade and fall of the market value of Facebook stocks. Ergo, my financial literacy is not that quite high so excuse me if my reasoning may unravel disapproval from your side. Definitely, big party player here is the role played by Facebook in our day-to-day life; and its prints have hardly been noticed today.

Facebook, nowadays, has lost its steam of innovation to more easily-monitored-and-used Twitter. Nothing new and appended has excitingly enticed Facebook users other than by using it as a substitute to text messaging. 

I, being flashed with lots of advertisements hosted by Facebook, haven't even clicked on any one of these since these never did address my concerns as a viewer. Frankly speaking, advertisements appearing on my profile don't appeal to my senses. To me, I've lost the sense of private indulgence to see things that I only want to see. 

Our opinions may vary, but one thing is for sure. Facebook needs to reinvent and provide more appealing ways to keep users like us embedded on the screen, instead of doing our homework or performing our tasks. On another note, at least I got to dissuade and use more of my time in enhancing my learning and development process as a human.

To all readers out there, please don't lash out at me. This is just my honest opinion.