Wednesday, July 12, 2017

LIST | 10 Pinoy youtubers, vloggers you should follow (Part 1)

It's not surprising that a lot of Filipino millennials nowadays have decided to join Youtube as a Youtuber or vlogger. There's a lot of perks (monetary and in kind) that come alongside being popular as a social media influencer, not to mention the lower costs associated with setting up your own studio and planning everything for yourself rather than relying on so many cash-strapping equipment and staff. So, why not do it on your own right? Hence, many Pinoys have taken the route of Youtube stardom.

Image Courtes: Youtube

Despite the numerous attempts to gain a huge number of followers, only a few have reached the top with hundreds of thousands of followers. This list I created includes some of the most popular Youtube stars (Youtubers, vloggers, channels) in the country.


First, we have Lloyd Cadena who is definitely one of the most famous Filipino youtubers in the country today. His channel has an at-least-500-thousand-strong following, mostly young students. This influencer has over 4 million followers in Youtube.

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel Lloyd Cafe Cadena

His videos are really on point when it comes to sharing pieces of advice regarding life scenarios (especially love) or some tips just about anything. Lloyd's videos also tackle a lot of topics from food and entertainment to personal encounters together with his friends BNT Productions.

Lloyd Cafe Cadena has been awarded the YouTube Silver Play Button in 2013, Best Comedy on YouTube at Globe Tatt Awards in 2013, Cosmo Webtastic Award in 2015, Hall of Famer for Chicken Pork Adobo in 2015, and Youtube Personality Award in Influence Asia 2017.


Girls would surely want to read up and get to know this second Youtuber in the list. It's no other than Pinay makeup guru Michelle Dy! With 260k followers in Instagram, 90k followers in Twitter, and 480k subscribers in Youtube, she sure knows what she's doing. Her videos focus on makeup tutorials, TV serye-inspired transformations, trendy challenges and a list of monthly favorites (beauty items). At present, she gives personal makeup workshops at affordable prices.

Her channel's most popular video features herself demonstrating GMA 7's Encantadia 2016-inspired sang'gre looks. Watch it below!

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel Michelle Dy


A TV celebrity, model, and Youtube vlogger, Fil-Am Wil Dasovich is probably the most popular, sought-after male Pinoy vlogger in the Philippines. And his star continued to shine when he joined "Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7," one of ABS-CBN's top rating reality TV shows. In this year's Influence Asia 2017, which was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Wil won not just one but three awards, Youtube Channel Award, Breakout Influencer Award, and Influencer of the Year.

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel Wil Dasovich

Although born in the States, Wil decided to make PH his home and made videos about the local culture. His videos often feature his travel escapades in and around the Philippines. His fluency in speaking Tagalog and gay lingo has made his videos unique from the rest. In his channel, his works focus on "traveling, personal health & well being."  He also makes daily vlogs "meant to encourage everyone to go out, explore, and make the most out of every situation they come across."

P.S. This blog is encountering template problems when the article seems to be too long so I cut it short. Here is Part 2 of the list of Pinoy Youtube stars you might want to check out.