Wednesday, January 28, 2015

PINOY PRIDE: Filipino-made Salamander amphibious tricycle

This is something every Filipino should know about and take inspiration from!

A group of Filipinos, led by Atoy Llave, has innovated a wonder tricycle - that can travel on water. Yes! You're reading that right! The Salamander is a tricycle that's been designed not only to rule the roads but to ride along the waves. Why didn't anyone think of this?

Sobrang kailangan 'to kahit saan tayo pumunta since we have bodies of water na pwedeng mabiyahe. Bawas traffic na din ito, and madaming makikinabang dito. And most importantly, marami nang ruta para dito! Kaso investment-wise, intensive ito and delikado kapag biya-biyahe kasi anytime may pwedeng malunod dito o maholdap sa kalagitnaan ng biyahe. Still, sana suportahan ng gobyerno.

Watch the video of the Salamander trike below and be amazed! Hopefully, the company H2O Technologies grows and goes public! Kudos to this team!

Video Courtesy: Youtube channel Top Gear Philippines