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STEPS | How to get a police clearance in Manila Police District fast

A police clearance is essential for those who want to apply for a job here or outside of the country. It may also be used as a requirement for those who want to get a government-issued ID like a passport. In this post, I will be giving in detail the steps on how to get a police clearance (certificate and ID card) in Manila Police District.

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Where is the Manila Police District (UN Avenue) located?

Courtesy: Google Maps

Manila Police District is found along UN Avenue in Ermita, Manila. It's just near Manila Medical Center (Manila Med). Just drop yourself off bus or jeepney stops cornering UN Avenue, and walk along the avenue, away from Manila Bay.

What are the requirements for getting a police clearance?
  • Cedula - Some websites say a cedula or community tax certificate is needed, but as for me, when I went to Manila Police District, I was not asked about it; just bring a cedula, for assurance, which can be obtained from Manila City Hall for at least 10 Php. (This was the amount asked from me; in 2013, I paid 65 Php for a certificate, I don't understand why there's a difference though. Maybe it depends on the person at the counter haha.).
  • Money - you'll have to spend at least 205 Php overall which can be broken down into the following:
    • Police clearance certificate fee: 140 Php
    • Police clearance ID card: 40 Php
    • Manual fingerprinting fee: 5 Php
    • Imaging and digital thumb printing fee: 20 Php
    • Note that except for the manual fingerprinting fee, the rest of the fees have receipts issued.
What are the procedures or steps to get a police clearance?
By the time you have stepped inside the Manila Police District complex, just ask any policeman where you could obtain a police clearance. You will then be directed to the proper venue or be requested to follow the people to where they are going.

1. Fill out the application or registration form for getting police clearance 
    Time allotment: 3-8 minutes, depending on how fast or how relaxed you write the pertinent information

Police Clearance Application Form

2. Pay 140 Php for the police clearance certificate at its designated booth just beside the registration form booth.
    Time allotment: 2-3 minutes, depending on speed of cashier and availability of change (sukli) hehe

3. Proceed to the next booth to pay 40 Php for the police clearance ID card
    Time allotment: 2-3 minutes, depending on speed of cashier and availability of change (sukli) hehe

  Two ladies control this booth; the first one will usually copy the purpose for getting a police clearance on the receipt, while the second one will give the change (sukli). Make sure they issue a receipt with the Office of the City Treasurer as the receipt issuer.

4. Pay 5 Php for manual fingerprinting.
    Time allotment: 2-3 minutes

    You will then be asked to go outside and enter a slightly dark area (just walk further) at the side of the building to continue with manual fingerprinting for a price of 5 Php. You'll go dirty with your fingers being dipped in that ink slab, so that your fingerprints will be placed at the back of the application form. The lady will then tell you to proceed inside. Make sure they issue a receipt with Orville Software Solution Co. as the receipt issuer.

     I really don't get why there is still a manual fingerprinting; it just makes everybody's hand dirty and causes redundancy since there will be a digital thumb printing afterwards. Maybe the manual fingerprinting was just for certainty in case digital records get hacked and erased.

5. Proceed inside as requested by the lady in the manual fingerprinting area, and pay 40 Php for information encoding, facial imaging (photo snapshot),, and digital thumb printing.
    Time allotment: 2-3 minutes

    Present your receipts and application form to the lady guiding the second to the last booth and pay the necessary amount. You'll then be told to go inside the imaging room. Make sure they issue a receipt with Eastland Printink Inc. as the receipt issuer.

6. Enter the imaging room.
    Time allotment: 5-7 minutes

    Here you'll be asked to check the monitor (display) if the information inputted is corrected. Then, your photo will be taken. Eventually, you'll be asked to sign digitally and have your thumb prints taken. 

7. Wait.
    Time allotment: 5-10 minutes
   This is the end of all the hassle; you just have to wait outside. And tada! You'll have your police clearance in less than 30 minutes max! :)

Hope this guide to get a police clearance certificate and ID in Manila Police District along UN Avenue has helped you guys! Note that I overestimated the time allotments here, so obtaining a police clearance is really convenient, fast and easy. 

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